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We are all about

Self help, Holistic Wellness and Meditation

We believe that Wellness and Meditation doesn’t have to be boring

We bring to you tried and tested self help, holistic wellness resources and meditations with a unique perspective, insight and a sense of humor.  Covering both online and offline (mainly Australia based) holistic wellness offerings, websites, courses, authors, products, retreats and wellness centers.

How it started

In every challenging time, whether tangible or intangible, I always chose to go down the self help and holistic wellness path.

This website started in the form of a blog as a result of my personal journey – which has been of a journey of self discovery through Yoga, Alternative healing (EFT, Tai Chi, Acupuncture), crystals, Satsang(thanks mom), Mindfulness, Energy and Healing Work, MindfulnessMeditation and more.

I won’t deny that on many occasions I have steered off the self help and holistic wellness path but I kept coming back somehow trusting this is where the answer lies. One instance is when I almost gave up on meditation. I am now in love with meditation which has helped me have more ‘meditative’ moments, awareness and present.

I’d love for you and everyone who dares to ask the tough questions of life, to trust that when you put aside fears and trust that you will get answers through your own unique experience and journey, this is when true magic happens!

Only things that you are ready for, reveal themselves to you at a given point of time

What we offer

Through OpenMindBodySoul.com, I want to share self help and wellness resources with people who are on a similar journey of consciousness, living with awareness and inner work.

With the mission to heal, open and expand your Mind, Body and Soul, I bring to you short and easy to do yet immensely effective guided meditations and the Alchemy Meditation Guide, FAQ and Insights that can help you activate your Inner GPS – help you shine your light, connect with it and expand it to reach your true potential.

We also have inspiring Quotes, and our blog covers topics like Mindfulness, Positivity, Self helpHealing, MeditationHealthy Body ( including Yoga) and Healthy eating.

I truly hope you will gain from the healing, love and expansion that this website seeks to provide.

-Dee, Founder of OpenMindBodySoul.com

Our Cleansing Alchemy meditation has an overall rating of 4.8 (out of 5) on the Insight Timer App

This was just what I needed to get out of my own head! Thank you!!!
Absolutely wonderful and invigorating,my tension spots evaporated....cheers
This meditation is wonderful. I use the sparklers of light to clear up stomach pains, and the pain is healed!
Thank you for this. I feel liberated

"You are a not a Human having a Spiritual experience, but a Soul having a Human Experience'

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