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How to start a meditation practice?

Learn from our ultimate meditation guide and try our free 15 minute guided meditations.

Live from a place of greater intuition, peace and love with meditation

(important note: not just the mushy type of love).

We often hear things like beauty lies within us. All the answers are in us already. The universe is within us. We perhaps get all this mentally or at some surface level, but is it possible to experience this and embody this, rather than in fleeting moments?

Our free Meditations that will help reconnect you to that spark ‘within’ you.

Our Cleansing Alchemy meditation has an overall rating of 4.8 (out of 5) on Insight Timer

This was just what I needed to get out of my own head! Thank you!!!
Absolutely wonderful and invigorating,my tension spots evaporated....cheers
This meditation is wonderful. I use the sparklers of light to clear up stomach pains, and the pain is healed!
Thank you for this. I feel liberated

The Alchemy Meditations

We recommend to choose one that you resonate with the most and do it daily for at least 1 week to get the maximum benefits.

Cleansing Alchemy Meditation


A 10 minute guided meditation that helps reconnect you to yourself while lovingly cleansing your outer self. We are knowingly or unknowingly picking up from what goes on around us so this meditation helps in living with greater consciousness and awareness.

This clearing meditation is great for:

  • Anxiety and overwhelm

  • Healing

  • Confidence

  • Letting go of negativity and stress

  • Letting go of other’s emotions, judgement and opinions

  • Deeper awareness of yourself and others

  • Intuition

  • Clearing patterns

  • Good for empaths and sensitive individuals

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Self love Alchemy Meditation


Short guided meditation that will help you with

  • self love

  • self acceptance

  • letting go of perfectionism

  • accepting your feminine and masculine energies

  • improving self talk

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FAQ / Tips


How to meditate?


There are so many different ways to meditate including our fabulous Alchemy Guided meditations. But the typical steps to meditate are:

  • Choose a quiet spot you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your meditation

  • Unless you are doing a guided meditation, set a timer using the Insight Timer app or other meditation apps

  • Sit(or lie down) in a comfortable position and close your eyes

  • Focus on an anchor such as:

    • Teacher’s prompt (in Guided or Visualisation Meditations like our Alchemy Meditations)

    • Breadth (like in Vipassana Meditation)

    • Mantra or Chant (in Mantra/Chanting meditation) like Deepak Chopra’s meditations

    • Music or sounds

    • Body sensations or feelings (in Body Scan meditation)

    • Others

  • At the end of your meditation, wriggle your fingers and toes; and gently open your eyes. (Coming out of the meditation should be done gently.)

I am getting too many thoughts during meditation. Is that a bad thing?thoughts-during-meditation


It is absolutely normal for the mind to wander off during meditation(say hello to the monkey mind). When you realise your mind is wandering off, gently bring your focus back to your anchor(see above question to know what an anchor is in meditation).   

Why should you meditate?

For my love of metaphors, lets assume you are this beautiful home and as you move through the day, without a doubt, trash accumulates. As beings, we collect the trash/barrage of thoughts, opinions, judgement of ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, experiences both pleasant and unpleasant, emotions, hurts, we can go on and on.

In a home, there is at least a designated spot or dustbin to collect trash (unlike for messy beings including moi). In your being, where is your trash being collected? Our Alchemy meditation will help you find the trash and kiss it goodbye. As you do the Alchemy meditations, it will help you live with deeper awareness of your true self and a better understanding of everything external so you can live a more meaningful life.

Benefits of Meditation

For those who look for scientific proof and research, there has been lots of research proving the many benefits of meditation:

How often should you meditate?


I recommend doing this or any meditation you resonate with daily. I hear some of you scream, ‘daily!?!?!?”‘

In your home, do you take the trash out one a year, one a month or once a week? Did I hear you say daily?

Your being is no different.

How many times a day should you meditate?


At least once a day. Up to as often as you can, without ignoring your worldly responsibilities.

In other words, don’t use meditation as an escape from what needs to be done. Meditation should help you get better at what truly needs to be done.

What is the best time to meditate?


In all honesty, the moment you wake up is best. First thing in the morning, before the external world takes over your day, connect with your inner world.

But if you really can’t meditate in the morning, do it any time you can pop on some headphones and not be disturbed.


Where should you meditate?


In your special hand painted sacred space which must have incense, an altar, a fancy hand embroidered throw, the best meditation cushion on the planet and don’t forget the salt lamp. Kidding! (Though my inner hippie wouldn’t mind such a space.)

In your bed is just fine. Lying down or sitting on a chair, a sofa, a mat or even on the grass. It can’t be that simple? Love, it is that simple.

How long should you meditate for?


For an hour at the least. Kidding again! Just a bare minimum 10 minutes will do. And you can slowly increase the duration with time. (The most important thing is ‘Where is your Dhyana’)

We aren’t all as lucky as Gru with a Minion army to look after everything for us

Can you meditate lying down?


With Alchemy Meditation, yes, you can meditate lying down. (This is a question that has plagued me for years and I can speak for at least the Alchemy meditation). With other 

meditations, you’d have to check with the teacher. If you don’t feel good when meditating lying down during a meditation, acknowledge that sign and sit upright during that meditation.

Why is Grounding important in Meditation?


With some meditations it is easy to get lost in the ethers, so grounding (think being grounded in the earth like a tree) is super important especially for empaths and sensitive people.

As for our Alchemy Meditation, it is one of the safest meditations you can do as you are going inwards and connecting to yourself and what’s right for you. So you may not feel the need for grounding but if you do, read the next FAQ on how to ground.

How do you practice grounding?

Simply ask the earth beneath you to support you. Again, yes, it is that simple.

What is the best type of meditation?

That depends on what you resonate with. You can know that a meditation style is working in your best interests when you move towards awareness, consciousness and connection with your true self. If you don’t know what the heck I mean, it could mean the meditation you are doing isn’t quite working for you.

Connect with a doable practice so it becomes your easy go to. Start with once a day, maybe even twice a day and you can ultimately reach more meditative moments – a state where you start living with awareness- of you and beyond. Slowly you will see every life experience and emotion as part of your meditation, your dhyana and your focus. Go easy on yourself with expectations or results but be steady with your practice.

There are several forms of meditations to choose from including our Alchemy meditation. But it is important to stick to the same meditation for at least 2 weeks, to let it seep in. If you keep jumping from one meditation to another, your mind and your whole being won’t get the practice’s benefits as much.


Alchemy Insights


Origins of Meditation


When I hear Meditation was first practiced in India, vivid images from the Hindu mythological tv series, whose special effects were probably worse that the first ever Star Wars movie, spring up in my head.


As as kid, I remember my mom and daadi (grandma) watching these mythological series based on the Hindu scriptures of Krishna, Mahabharata, Ramayana and others. They used to show Gurukuls, the equivalent of spiritual boarding schools in ancient India, where Gurus (meaning teachers) used to teach students meditation, often mantra meditation or reciting God’s name repeatedly (called Jaap), the yoga limbs (and not just the mainstream yoga

 we know of today), Indian martial arts, scriptures etc.

In different episodes, there used to be a saint, common person or sometimes even an evil guy going to a forest, into a cave or under a tree, chanting a particular god or demi-god’s name sitting in the lotus pose with a mudra formed by their fingers. After what seemed days and months of them doing this tapasya(deep meditation) without food and through extreme heat, cold and storms; the god would show up and ask ‘what do you want?’

Not all would ask for healing or good things, the evil ones usually asked for immortality or something to rule the earth or wreck havoc on earth. In the end, the bad guy ultimately used to get defeated by either the same god or another god.

When I look back, it reminds me of the way the world works. How we humans can practice our freedom of choice to fitting results- that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So is there different reasons and outcomes of different kinds of meditation for different people? Perhaps.

What is Meditation?


After trying countless meditations, no one has quite been able to explain what meditation actually means.

Reflecting back on these hindu mythological series and every single meditation practice seems to confirm is that meditation means nothing but ‘dhyana’, a Sanskrit word for ‘focus’ or ‘attention.’

Meditation simply means paying unwavering attention or focus; on a particular thing, object or words. There is always an ‘anchor’ such as the breadth in Vipassana meditation, visualization in some guided meditations, a chant in mantra meditation, the body in body scan meditation and the present moment in mindfulness meditation.

Ancient practices were very strict in their focus, often saying you are doing it wrong when you let a single thought or distraction enter your practice. Nowadays meditation teachers treat these as a normal part of your practice, making it gentler and more effective for those of us in the modern world who have multiple priorities – work, businesses, families, side hustles, fitness, constant communication and constant bombarding of information from the world wide web(the name is so symbolic if you pay attention).

Enlightenment is now possible for those of us who can’t leave everything like material possession, families etc to go live in caves in the Himalayas. In fact we need it more than ever to make sense of the non-stop information and communication permeating our lives.

How Alchemy Meditation was born?


I’ve been an alternative methods, healing and self help addict for more than a decade. My first foray into alternative methods and spirituality was when I was diagnosed with PCOD in my early 20’s.

Was told by doctors there is no cure to PCOD, I would have to take birth control pills and type 2 diabetes medicines (in spite of completely normal sugar levels) for the rest of my life and easily become a 90 to 100 kilos instead of my usual 60 something kilos.

I was curious that there had to be a better way to manage my condition and weight without suffering side effects worse than the condition itself. I questioned if it’s not curable, why am I taking medication anyway? (Disclaimer: This is from personal experience and not medical advice. For proper medical advice, please consult a medical professional.)

That is when I turned to Hatha Yoga, which helped get the PCOD under control. The PCOD didn’t disappear completely, but it was well managed. Yoga helped with weight loss over a few months, I guess as the asanas (poses) and breadth exercises somehow helped regulate hormones and stress. It was enlightening to know I got this ‘no cure’ condition under control.

After experiencing this I guess miracle at 22; whenever I had challenging times in my life, I reached out to alternate methods sooner or later. But after yo-yo-ing into and exploring different modalities and schools of thought, what I struggled with, was to have a sustainable practice and energy. It didn’t quite feel like ‘I’ve got this.’

After attending a life changing spiritual event on a weekend, I asked if there a way to stay in the energy after a session with a healer or a massage? The energy you feel after a holiday? The energy you feel after an event you thoroughly enjoyed? The energy of that tummy aching laughter with a best friend or a lover embrace or a mother’s unconditional love filled hug?

The answer came in the form of the Alchemy meditation.

About Alchemy Meditation


When I got the insight of this meditation, I had the insight to call it Alchemy Meditation but didn’t quite know what it meant. Dear Google said, Alchemists were people shrouded in mystery where people thought they were trying to turn lead into gold. I scratched my head. If they were indeed successful, I am sure gold wouldn’t be that expensive today!

Apparently Alchemy was the conduit to the field of Chemistry. I looked some more and found a more fitting description. Instead of a ‘practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy’(thanks but no thanks), a simple explanation of the word Alchemy is it being a process of transformation and transmutation.

The Alchemy meditation I will be sharing with you is a practice that slowly(for some maybe not slowly) but surely will help you get in touch with your inner self or inner light. This is where you transform by first recognizing this place inside you (or life elixr as the alchemists would say. Fancy!), connect with it, expand it and to one day begin to operate primarily from this place inside you. Operating from this place of intuition, a place of pure consciousness so you can live your life from that greater knowing instead of constantly reacting from your ego or outer self.

Meditation being nothing but ‘dhyana’ on something, Alchemy meditation is about ‘dhyana’ or paying attention or focusing on your inner light, your inner self or your greater self. Since I have started doing this practice, it feels like a practice of resetting yourself to your best self everyday.

As you connect to your inner light, instead of borrowing other’s torches(namely borrowed judgments, isms, opinions), you can be rest assured that you have your very own bright torch to use anytime you need to navigate your world. It’s not from a place or selfishness or the small ‘i’ but of this pure consciousness that resides in every living being.

Will this meditation solve all your problems? No and yes, but as you connect with your own light, let it shine and start operating knowing your internal GPS is activated, there will be ways, resources and people to guide you to what is right for you. Not what is right to serve the ego, not the outer self but the inner self, the part of the universe that resides in you, chi, god, shakti or whatever you choose to call it.

How long does it take to connect to and sustain your light? It could be in an instant or it could take a while, but as you spend more time in that space and begin to operate from it, synchronicities are bound to happen as you recognize and know that the universe is in you, with you, in everyone and everywhere. As you feel connected to the inner and outer universe, your path will seem more clear and what you need to be doing will be more clear. It will feel like the universe is moving with you (and not be just a menu that you order stuff off).

Consistency is Key in any Practice


Can you wake up one fine morning, brush your teeth squeaky clean and say ‘the job is done, I won’t have to brush ever again’? Your dentist is going to be one rich person!

If you equate the teeth to you and meditation to the act of brushing your teeth, this is how a meditation practice needs to be. Where it becomes a part of your routine to the point that it becomes a natural part of your life. And not just a one off event.

Also remember to ask yourself regularly, where is your dhyana (attention)?

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