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Asana Rebel: 5 Reasons to Give This Health & Yoga App A Try

I started my hunt for a health partner kinda app, I was super skeptical of whether I’d find something that actually works. Thankfully, I did find an app that pretty much nails it in every department. It’s easy to use, loaded with a bunch of useful features and it actually adds value to my fitness journey. It’s the famed Asana Rebel.

Is Asana Rebel a Yoga app?

Although mainly known as a “yoga-based” app, Asana Rebel is not just limited to yoga. You’ll find in the app a wide variety of workouts, from yoga to HIIT to Pilates. There are different intensity levels. You’ll also find relaxation workouts, core workouts, meditations and a lot more(we’ll get into that soon) to maintain an overall healthy, active lifestyle.

In this post, I review and break down why Asana Rebel is one of the best health & fitness apps you’ll find out there, and also a few things that could be improved upon:


It’s Highly Personalized

As soon as you download and open the app, it asks for questions like your age, height weight, ideal weight, fitness goals and the like. Based on the information you provide, it comes up with a tailored Daily Plan for Morning, Daytime, Evening and Sleep that you can customize.

The reminders option in the Daily plan, especially, have been very helpful in changing unhealthy sticky habits I had and bringing me closer to my fitness goals. With helpful reminders like Drinking water and Meditation, it coaxed me to hydrate my body more often and remember to meditate on positive thoughts. It’s the small changes that have made the biggest difference.

It’s Incredibly Comprehensive

Asana Rebel incorporates almost everything I’d possibly need to be fit, while being easy to navigate. Asan rebel includes everything from daily reminders about making health-conscious choices to including nutrition, sleep, meditation and music for focus.

A lot of fitness apps I’ve tried overlook how important relaxation is to our health, but not Asana Rebel. I use this app not only to guide my energetic workouts but also to completely relax myself before I drift off in sweet slumber. 

It Provides Great Value for Money

Is Rebel Asana Free? It is free to download and the free version includes a few free workouts, meditations, recipes and Daily Plan including reminders.

How much does the full version of Rebel Asana cost? There are two subscription packages: yearly and quarterly. The yearly package is US $4.08 per month and the quarterly package is $8.71 per month(which would differ based on your country).

Comes up to ‘less than a cup of coffee per week’ as app aptly claims, and we can’t disagree. We think it is really worth it. Both the options are much more affordable than what a yoga class would cost you. The average cost of a yoga class can be about $15 to $25 per hour and even rise up to $70/ hour if you want a private session. Of course, this depends on where you live that would differ.

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Effective and versatile Workouts

Asana Rebel is essentially a (extremely affordable)  fitness coach in your pocket. The workouts have been quite interesting and easy to follow along.

The duration of the exercises is key for me (having a needy toddler) so I can always find a way to fit them into my daily schedule depending on how much time I managed to squeeze out of my busy mum life. Typically, the workouts range from a short 5-minutes to half an hour in Asana Rebel. The best part is Asana Rebel has 100+ workouts created by fitness and yoga experts, which will help beat workout boredom.

It’s Loaded with Useful Features

Asana Rebel doubles up as a productivity app. This makes sense because our fitness is so deeply linked to our productivity.

  • The daily plan has reminders to keep you on track.
  • There are great hour-long playlists of Focus Music in the app.
  • Daily quizzes in your feed help increase your knowledge about health and wellness.
  • You can also link Asana Rebel to Google Fit if you want insight of your workout routine.

The Downside

There are definitely some things about the app that are holding back its full potential. For one, you can’t connect the app with Chrome cast to watch instructional videos on the TV. Although I do like the flexibility of doing my daily session whenever I want – I’d like to be able to do it in front of the telly!

Another thing that many users face – there are some issues with upgrades, such as the skip preview function not working, or not receiving green dots for accomplishing a workout.

Biggest drawback is that the free version of the app is a little too limited.

Summing it all up, Asana Rebel is a genuinely useful app for anyone who wants a digital health partner.

Our Rating for Asana Rebel

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