Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Are you too generous for your own good?

If you think you need to stop over giving, think again! Simple steps to harness and channel your giving nature instead of criticizing yourself and constantly being disappointed by others

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

What does the Bhagawad Gita say about Manifestation?

I was a natural manifestation master, till what I manifested ultimately caused me emotional turmoil and tears. I then stopped manifesting(or so I thought), again to not so good outcomes. It was when I started manifesting or asking with true surrender that I felt a sigh of relief


Rumi quote on Fear

A quote from Rumi about moving but not from a place of fear. A quote for dancers and also life in general

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Learn how to meditate using Mindfulness And Meditation Apps

Here are some amazing apps to learn meditation and mindfulness; all in the palm of your hand (through your smart devices). See the list of our recommended apps such as Stop, Breathe & Think; Calm, Headspace, Omnava, Aura, Buddhify, Meditation Studio ,Headspace and Oprah and Deepak Chopra Meditation

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Easy six minute mindfulness practice to tap into your inner wisdom

Feeling lost? Feeling flustered? But deep inside you know that happiness is possible, that bliss is attainable. Taproot into your inner bliss, inner knowing, wisdom and true self using this easy 6 minute check-in meditation / mindfulness practice.

Online & Apps Review

Centred Meditation Sydney – Review

Review of the Centred Meditation Studio in Sydney CBD. Learn if its worth a try to learn or practice meditation with Centred Meditation Australia

Meditation & Healing

Mirror Work book by Louise Hay- Review

Ever caught someone or yourself talking to themselves? It is not an uncommon phenomenon nor is it a sign that the person is crazy. It is in fact a sign that that the person is a genius. Take it to the next level by using Mirror Practice or Mirror Therapy using this free pdf book by Louise Hay

Meditation & Healing

Easy Energy Medicine exercises for everyday issues

What is Energy Medicine? Find easy to do examples, exercises and practices by Donna Eden to solve everyday issues like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, sleep issues, flu, cold, headaches, backaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, creativity and more. Hop on over to discover Donna Eden’s courses, pdf books, daily energy routine and more

tRY EASY energy medicine exercises