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Best Natural Deodorants that work- Tried and Tested

It is easy for brands to use the words ‘organic’ and ‘natural ingredients’ and trick us into believing their products are actually good for us. Often times the organic or natural part is only a small percentage of the products’ composition. But the people at Reviews.com actually did thorough research to painstakingly create the below list of natural deodorants that actually work!

In their review of deodorants without toxic and irritating ingredients, these deodorants made it to their list list:

1. Best Overall – Sam’s Natural deodorant

This deodorant came out tops as it checked all the boxes. It has no irritating artificial ingredients and is made from coconut oil and baking soda which are well known natural odor blockers. This deodorant comes in 15 scents that will easily last 2 hours of wear without being too overpowering. It has a roll-easy ball that leaves just the right sheen on the skin

 Best Natural deodorants that actually work, selected after careful review and research.

2. Schmidt’s Natural deodorant

This deodorant offers 7 scents from different natural ingredients. Its ‘Freshly fallen rain’ scent, for example, is formulated from Charcoal and magnesium.  There are sensitive skin sticks as well. I have personally tried the sensitive version but I did not find their sweat control power good enough for the Middle East summer.

3. Runner’s up – For Pit’s Sake! Natural deodorant

This deodorant made it to the list as it has the pinpointed natural ingredients of baking soda, coconut oil and zinc. It has a well- crafted stick that leaves no residue only that it requires a bit of pressure to apply, which might be a bit uncomfortable for hairy armpits.

4. Green Tiding All Natural Deodorant

If you are an organics fan, Green Tidings is the choice. It is vegan and cruelty-free. The ingredients are certified by the USDA, and are grown in solar-powered greenhouses.  It is aluminum free and contains organic coconut oil and baking soda with a hint of lavender.

5. Fatco’s Women Stank Stop Deodorant

This deodorant comes in a small jar rather than a stick. It has all the 3 wish-list odor blockers (coconut oil, baking soda and zinc).  Beef tallow is used as a moisturizer but the whole package is paleo. The only setback is that you have to dip fingers into the jar to apply.

6. Agent Natuer & Shiva Rose Holi Rose Deodorant

This deodorant has a hint of women’s perfume with rose and sandalwood scents.

So this is how the products were rated:

What is it that you should look for in a natural deodorant? Firstly, it should do its job and actually work and be effective. Other things that were considered to make it to the list above are:

1. Natural products

They looked for ‘natural’ products that did not contain aluminum. Some studies have linked it to Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and breast cancer aggravation. The US FDA also requires deodorants containing aluminum to be labeled as such. Any deodorants containing aluminum were struck off the list. This also included ingredients with aluminum including potassium alum.

2. Irritants

Deodorants with potential irritants were also eliminated. These irritants included:

  • Fragrance – This is because fragrance has been shown to cause mild to severe irritation. It is also used to mask other artificial ingredients

  • Simple Alcohols – They break down the skin’s protective lipid barrier causing irritation

  • Propylene glycol and propanediol – These artificial ingredients that are suspected to be toxic.

3. Preferred Ingredients

Deodorants with formulas containing coconut oil, baking soda and zinc were picked.

  • Coconut oil has lauric acid which has anti-bacterial properties

  • Zinc oxide is an odor blocker

  • Baking soda eliminates odor causing bacteria

4. Ease of application, scent and residue

The scents were to be fresh and neutral, not too overwhelming and obnoxious. The application should leave just the right amount of sheen without excess glob, and the stick should glide smoothly. The deodorant should not leave residue on clothing, feel sticky, tacky or too thick.

References: http://www.reviews.com/natural-deodorant/

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