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Daily Greatness Yoga Journal is not your ordinary journal

On a lazy Sunday afternoon while window shopping online, I bumped into the Daily Greatness journals (thank you Google). Intrigued by their Yoga journal, I acted on my hunch to reach out to ask if they’d be sweeeeet enough to send a copy for review by OpenMindBodySoul.com. They replied back in the positive and the planner arrived in just 2 working days. Yiiippeee.

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What’s in the journal?

To start off, the color is a gorgeous turquoise. And the journal has stunning images and quotes throughout. This is by no means an ordinary journal, I was blown away by its quality, content, details and variety.

As Lyndelle, the founder, puts it in her note at the start of the journal, the Daily Greatness Yoga journal is a unique combination of

  • an organiser,

  • a goal planner and

  • daily tools for body and mind mastery.

There is basically everything you can ask for in a well-organised journal:

  • undated daily journal pages

  • weekly check-ins

  • quarterly check-ins and

  • planners filled with self-inquiry questions that cover more than just yoga practice


Lyndelle goes on to say the Daily Pages will guide you to create conscious habits and cultivate a beautiful mind. It’s there to guide you on an inward journey, reveal and help act on your true desires, become solution-focused, productive, and live with more compassion, joy and peace. Can anyone on the conscious path say no to all this?

What is unique about the Journal?

What is very unique about the journal is that it focuses on not just the physical aspect of Yoga. ‘Yoga is a system that recognises the multi-dimensional nature of the human person, and primarily relates to the nature and workings of the mind, based on experiential practice and self-inquiry’, as quoted in the Yoga Australia website. And the journal creators recognise this, providing tools and content for the whole self.

What’s to love about the Journal

These are things we simply love about the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal:

  • The pages are undated so you can start the journal on any day.

  • It’s not a 2 to 3 pager intro that just throws you into the journaling pages. You can see so much effort gone into putting fantastic content:

    • on how to attune to your inner landscape, Dharma, creating goals with soul, creating rituals, self mastery and the dark side, and how to cope if you backslide from your yoga practice- isn’t that just beautiful?

    • 8 Daily steps – recommended morning and even practices to create a beautifully conscious life. For those who are keen to build or modify a morning routine, this is gold.

    • There is some soul stirring one pager questions that will help you delve deep into forgiveness, gratitude, your bigger purpose and dreams

    • A conscious life blue-print layout

      Tip: Take your time to read through the initial content as there is some really good concepts and ideas in there.

  • After all the amazing content, starts the journaling portion with the Yearly Planner & 90 day planner.

  • The layout of the daily journal pages is the same but the questions differ. This helps keep things fresh in your journal practice while providing you profound insight from your inner self.

  • There is this one small thing that shows the big detail they went into the creation of the journal. There is not just one but two gorgeous purple ribbon bookmarks. So you could bookmark the daily page you are currently at. And use the second one to bookmark the 8 daily steps, the 90 day planner, weekly planner or whatever you’d like to refer to more frequently.

So what’s not to love

We felt the line spacing could be wider for the one pager questions. You have to write quite tiny or if your handwriting is bigger than usual, you might have to use two lines. But this is not an issue in the pages other than the one pager questions and a tiny top 4-5 lines of the daily pages (the rest of the other daily pages section is unlined).

Yay or Nay?

Absolutely a yay!

We think the Daily Greatness Yoga journal is great, especially if you want to make your yoga practice about your whole self moving towards consciousness.

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