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Review of Deepak Chopra Meditation

Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned Meditation teacher and his meditations are quite easy to follow. Deepak Chopra along with Oprah come up with a new and free 21-day Meditation Experience with a new theme every few months.

Each of the 21-day meditations usually always began with a commentary from Oprah, followed by Deepak’s insights and he then leads you into meditation with a centering thought and mantra with soothing background music.

What kind of Meditation does Deepak Chopra Practice?

Deepak Chopra’s meditations are based on mantra meditation and primordial sound meditation.

What to expect after you sign up for a Deepak Chopra free Meditation challenge?

When you sign up for the 21- day meditation series at launch, you get daily reminders in your email. Each day’s meditation is accessible for 5 days.

5 days after the series is complete, you don’t have access to the meditations anymore, but can purchase any meditation series of your liking.

Does Deepak Chopra have a Meditation app?

Yes, you can also download the app on your mobile phone for easy access.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meditate for free whether you are a first-timer or regularly practice meditation. Here’s the link


How to Prepare for the Meditation Experience

Here are some tips from Deepak and Oprah to prepare for your meditation experience:

  • Jump start your meditation practice. Enjoy these free sample meditations from our previous 21-Day Meditation Experiences to get a glimpse of what’s in store.

  • Create your sanctuary. Choose a convenient time and a quiet, comfortable place for your meditations.

  • Make sure you won’t be interrupted. Let the members of your household know when and where you will be meditating. Or better yet, invite them to join you!

  • Set your intention. Intention is a powerful tool for transformation. Take a moment to ask yourself, “What would I like to manifest in my life over the next 21 days?”


Update 3 March 2020: The world is in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. Their new series is apt for these times, named, ‘Finding hope in uncertain times. Harness strength. Find peace. Create connection.’

Update 22 March 2018: Deepak Chopra is back yet again in collaboration with Oprah for a New 21 day Meditation experience. This time the topic is Shedding the Weight- Mind, Body and Spirit. It started on 19 March 2018.

Update 30 October 2016: Oprah and Deepak’s all-new, free guided Meditation Experience, Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection, starts on Monday, October 31st. Don’t miss out your chance to access the series for free, before it becomes a paid version. Thank you Deepak and Chopra for giving free access every time you release a new 21-Day meditation series!

Update: Yet another free Meditation series starting on 11 July 2016 on getting Unstuck.

Update: Deepak Chopra and Oprah are back with a new 21-day meditation series starting 21 March 2016 for shedding weight- mind, body and soul. Don’t miss it!

Original post: The new and free 21-day guided meditation will be available starting March 16, 2015. It is called ‘Manifesting true success.’

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