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Fireside meditation event in Sydney – The Shelter

OpenMindBodySoul.com was invited to a unique fireside meditation event at the beautiful Shelter (a gym that more looks like a spa or urban sanctuary) in Double Bay, Sydney. The gorgeous event was held during Women’s Health week and featured renowned psychologist Leanne Hall and a meditation expert from The Broad Place.

They couldn’t have chosen a better venue for the event. There were fresh smoothies, delicious fruits, snacks and even cupcakes for those that felt like indulging.

Effects of a sitting near flame/fire

If you’ve ever experienced a bonfire, can you recall how sitting in front of the warm bonfire on a cold night can feel almost hypnotic? Scientific research has been done on the relaxing effects of a flame, the results of it which were shared with us:

  • Just 15 minutes in front of a flame can induce feelings of relaxation, reduces blood pressure and help counteract stress

  • Humans have long been drawn to fire as our ancestors used it for warmth, protection and cooking(not just marshmallows but can’t complain about it)

  • An evolutionary reaction, it is believed fire satisfies the primal desires for warmth, while flame illuminates darkness and provides comfort, also providing a place for social interaction, making it easier to communicate and develop social connections.

  • Sitting near a flame helps to reduce stress hormones. As we very well know or experience, stress affects almost all the body’s natural systems and processes that help keep us healthy and happy.

Key takeaways from the talks and meditation

I wish we could takeaway one of the sumptuous smoothies(kidding) but we in fact had some deep-impacting takeaways from the event:

  • Being a full time working mom, it was good to learn what women find as the two biggest barriers for not maintaining a healthy lifestyle- ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. It is important for us to take time out for ourselves as I did this Women’s Health Week.

    It highlighted the significance of doing these little things for yourself, your health and adding positive changes that can last a lifetime.

  • As Ms Leanne Hall said, Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world, meaning we are moving further and further away from nature and in the midst of an anxiety epidemic. She added that nature can work as an antidote to counter this stress and watching a naked flame is a way to re-connect with nature.

    Made us recall the meditation that is done by focusing softy on the candle flame, and the effects of a naked flame were even more profound.

  • We did a guided meditation and also learned some Vedic breathing exercises by the meditation expert from the Broad Place. It was great to learn these breathing exercises you can do to increase heat (heat or fire is called ‘agni’ in Sanskrit) and also exercises to reduce excess heat in the body.

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To learn more about the Women’s Health Week in Australia, click here

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