Here are wonderful free online wellness workshops and mind, body and soul classes (delivered through online learning and webinars).

How to select which Class is right for you?

We live in an age of information overload with everything vying for our attention. Here is how you can find your golden needle in the haystack:

  • Ask yourself, what are you looking to improve or are currently struggling with the most? Usually the first thing that comes to your mind is what you needs your loving attention.
  • Next, hold the intention of finding the right resource for your particular need.
  • Hover the the list below and observe what brings you a sense of intrigue, the feeling of ‘this sounds interesting.’ Go try those.
  • Ideally try only one or two at once.

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Resilience in Challenging Times

We are excited to share with you a special Sounds True care package of free digital tools and teachings, “Resilience in Challenging TimesFree resources for managing in Challenging times of the global pandemic

Resilience in Challenging Times gives you:

  • Free access to daily video sessions sharing practical guidance and empowering insights from our recent online summits
  • Community connection—”Physical distancing” does not have to mean “social distancing,” so we’ll be offering opportunities to come together online for group meditations and Facebook Live meetings. Let’s gather, learn, and support each other!
  • Free webinars addressing how to stay strong and centered with some of our most popular authors, including Michael Singer, Caroline Myss, and others

Right now we’re witnessing a heightened sense of confusion and stress across our communities. It is our hope that “Resilience in Challenging Times gives us a resource to productively use this time for growth and spiritual transformation, difficult as that sometimes can be, so we can turn towards our experience, care for ourselves, and become resources of love and sanity for others.

Access Resilience in Challenging Times here

Mind over matter

It was a bit hard to name this topic. We’ll include in this section courses and masterclasses for overcoming limiting beliefs, improving self-esteem, better thinking, manifesting a better life, and the like.

The New Human Story with Gregg Braden

Human potential pioneer Gregg Braden will share the new science that exposes the limiting beliefs we’ve held about who we are and where we come from when he presents, The New Human Story: Awakening Your Evolutionary Potential for Self-healing, Longevity & Super-perception.

Choose your preferred day and time to watch this FREE virtual event here

In this mind-expanding mini-workshop with Gregg, you’ll find out how these new scientific discoveries have the potential to change the way you think about yourself, your relationship to your body, to others, to the earth, and even to God.

You’ll also discover:

  • How new discoveries have overturned 150 years of scientific thinking — and why that’s relevant to YOUR life story
  • How to tap into your innate capacity to leap beyond self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and step into the grandest vision of the life you once thought was beyond your reach
  • How to access your deep intuition on demand through heart-brain harmonization
  • How to enhance your ability to self-regulate so that you can choose to create a powerful immune response, activate longevity enzymes, and move into the gamma state at will to access deep levels of perception
  • How to work with your mirror neurons to open new doorways to accelerated learning

Join this riveting hour that will reveal what you’re actually capable of achieving and becoming!

It’s free to attend, register here


Body and Mind are one – Free training by Thich Nhat Hanh

Free Mindfulness Training by Zen Master Thich Nhat HanhA free video teaching with beloved Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, we must bring our mind home to our body in order to enter “the realm of the here and now,” where we discover our true aliveness and genuine connection to ourselves and others.

This is the theme of a video course with Thich Nhat Hanh called Body and Mind are One: An Online Training in Mindfulness. It is possible to learn how to drop distractions and synchronize our mind with the living pulse of our body. And when we do, what we discover is the wonder and wakefulness of our own true presence—the greatest gift we can give to others.

Access the Free Mindfulness training here.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Free training

Mindfulness is a basic human quality, a way of learning to pay attention to whatever is happening in your life that allows you a greater sense of connection to your life inwardly and outwardly.

More than three decades of scientific research at medical centers all over the world suggests that training in mindfulness and MBSR can positively and often profoundly affect participants’ ability to reduce stress, pain, illness, and medical symptoms while also learning to live life more fully.

Since its inception, more than 24,000 people have completed the MBSR training program. These participants have been strongly motivated to do something for themselves—something no one else can do for them—by learning to draw upon their inner resources and natural capacity for greater health as well as balance, ease, and peace of mind.

Sign Up Today for a Free Audio Teaching by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and two senior mindfulness professors, Dr. Saki Santorelli and Florence Meleo-Meyer.

Power of Awareness with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Free mindfulness training by Jack Kornfield and Tara BachA FREE Video Series with JACK KORNFIELD & TARA BRACH on The Power of Awareness

Register for this FREE Video Series and learn:
• How to develop “loving kindness” and see the inner beauty of those around you
• How to expand your “Circle of Affection”—don’t forget to include yourself!
• How to overcome negative self-talk, the unconscious “trance of unworthiness,” and other limiting beliefs
• How to honor suffering in your own life with awareness and compassion

Energy Work and Energy Healing

Energy Codes for Mastering the Unknown with Dr. Sue Morter


Many of us find ourselves deep in the unknown during this time of collective challenge.

Yet, as we make the smart choices to keep ourselves safe and sane, we can still choose to be a powerful co-creator of our lives — not merely a survivor or victim.

That’s where the Energy Codes® come in…

Based on decades of research into the human body, biofield, and higher-level energy systems, they offer a spiritually grounded way to tap into the deeper currents of energy that can shift anything in your life.

During a complimentary hour with bioenergetic medicine pioneer Dr. Sue Morter, you’ll discover insights and practices to help you tap into your energetic potential — at a time in your life when you’re needing powerful healing energies that serve your highest good.

You can register for Energy Codes for Mastering the Unknown: Restabilize Your System, Re-Source Your Power & Metabolize Difficult Feelings, here.

During this self-empowering hour, you’ll experience:

  • A breathing practice to instantly tap into what you’re feeling right now, discover where that emotion settles in your body, and help you move its energy for a sustainable sense of wellbeing
  • A bioenergetic body positioning practice that resets the nervous system to help integrate this breathwork practice into your neurocircuitry for results that last
  • How to work with chaotic energies in your system by finding your deeper truth — to transcend “the story” your mind is telling you and allow in healing energy
  • Ways to interpret even very difficult situations as occurring for your benefit — and turn them into energies that serve and empower
  • How to increase your health, vitality, and power working with the very emotional states you’ve been trying to avoid — and claim your creatorship vs. remaining a victim

Most important, the Energy Codes allow you to become a steward of your raw energy flow — with healing occurring as a by-product.

Instead of treating or analyzing symptoms (internal and external), you can experience healing by embodying and sustaining your life force.

You begin to see chronic health conditions, difficult relationships, or trauma simply as patterns of energy… that can be shifted.

Please join us to learn how to harness your energetic potential — your raw life-force energy — to grow your capacity to heal and create your life in each moment.

You can RSVP for free here

P.S. In Energy Codes for Mastering the Unknown: Restabilize Your System, Re-Source Your Power & Metabolize Difficult Feelings, you’ll discover how to transmute chaotic energies and emotions, and become an empowered, intentional co-creator of your life, no matter your current circumstances.

Supercharge Your Chakras with Anodea Judith

You’ve probably heard a fair amount about chakra energy centers from yogis, healers, and alternative health practitioners.

But how do you actually use this knowledge to access a dynamic, always-on flow of life energy to enhance your wellbeing, relationships, sex life, power, vitality and creativity?

Fortunately, there are very practical and simple ways to work with chakras, which allow you to tap into a vast field of energy whenever you need it.

Unfortunately, most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances as well as energy-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which leads us to feel exhausted, scattered, dull… even ill.

The good news is that doesn’t have to continue! Bestselling author and the world’s #1 expert on chakras, Anodea Judith, will reveal the secret to optimizing your energy system, during a free virtual event hosted by The Shift Network: Supercharge Your Chakra Practice: How to Heal Your Energy Centers & Unleash the Full Power of Your Life Force.

This video-streamed seminar will directly build from Anodea’s Wheels of Life book, which has sold more than 300,000 copies and is considered the classic in the field.

You can reserve your free spot here.

During this complimentary session, you’ll discover:

  • quick overview of the chakra system that resonates intuitively and works with Western psychology
  • The specific health and body challenges associated with each chakra — and practices that can address and heal each of them
  • How to differentiate between too much and too little “charge” in your system, and balance your life force appropriately
  • Ways to work with energetic blocks, and how to shift them more gracefully

After nearly 40 years of study, personal practice and teaching, Anodea knows exactly what works (and what doesn’t). You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover her practices for aligning and activating your chakras so you can use them to energize and power every area of your life.

I hope to “see” you there! It’s FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you can’t listen live. Sign up here.

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