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Green Coconut Water Benefits You Never Knew About

By now you must have come across all this hoo-ha about coconut oil and it’s benefits. But did you know that about the myriad of benefits of the fresh juice of a Green coconut? Let us explain while we dream about sipping fresh juice from a green coconut shell on a beautiful tropical island.

Green coconuts are young coconuts that have not developed the brown fur that is associated with fully matured coconut. Unlike mature coconuts which have to be cracked open, green coconuts are easily cut open with a sharp knife. Green coconut yields more juice than mature coconut and has softer meat on the inside that can be scraped off using a spoon.

The sight of green coconuts cut open to quench thirst is common on the tropical coasts of India, Thailand and Muscat. Tourists are often surprised at how naturally sweet the juice is, not too sugary and with that nutty flavor.

If you have visited coastal towns in south Asia, the Middle East or East Africa, you will see street vendors hacking away at coconuts that are not mature and inviting you to drink through a straw. Apparently, in some places like the tropical islands of Fiji, the locals go for these unripe coconuts leaving mature coconuts to rot on the ground. So what is the big deal with green coconuts and their juice?

Green & Yellow coconuts vs. Brown coconuts

A green coconut achieves the highest volume of juice in the coconut’s lifecycle. An average sized green coconut will give about a glass of this goodness. The volume of juice reduces as the coconut hardens. In a brown coconut, this juice is clear, with a sweet nutty flavor.

Ever tried to scrape off the white stuff in a mature coconut? This is nearly impossible without a sharp object. This is not so in a green coconut. The pulp is soft enough such that you can scrape it off with a spoon.  You can make coconut milk with this pulp by blending it with your usual juice blender.

Green coconut juice can be packed in airtight containers for later use and you can often find packaged or bottled coconut water(iherb link here) in supermarkets and health food stores along with the usual fruit and vegetable juices. When stored in open air, it ferments naturally overnight to make a low alcoholic drink much loved in the tropics. Brown coconut juice   is not of much use.  Some people use it for cooking.

I recently heard from a friend about the yellow coconut that you get around here from Srilanka. It is similar in benefits to the green coconut but  apparently has even more water, pulp and is sweeter.

Benefits & Uses of Green coconut

Green coconuts are what nutritionists call superfoods. This is stuff that delivers a high dose of nutrients in small volumes.  Green coconuts hold an average of 140 calories, 28 g of carbohydrates, 2g of fiber, 3g of fat, and 2g of protein.  It has a Daily Recommended Allowance (DRA) in 50% of manganese, 15% of your DRA of potassium, and 6% DRA of magnesium.

A green coconut also contains high levels of potassium, and good enough levels of foliate, copper, and calcium. Brown coconuts also have Vitamins C, E, K, and B-6.

There are several benefits of drinking coconut water daily. So how would regular intake of green coconut juice work for you?

·         Heart & Digestion

You will have a stronger heart and better digestion. Both green and brown coconut juices have high levels of electrolytes. These are crucial in muscle functions in aiding muscle contraction and relaxation in the heart.  Your digestive tract also works smoothly absorbing what you need and passing on the waste.  

·         Rich in Iron

Green coconut water is rich in iron. This is good for improved blood circulation which ensures optimal levels of oxygen in the body.

·         Beauty benefits

It will work wonders for your skin and hair. Green coconut water has high levels of cytokinins. These compounds are very helpful in cell growth and repair.

·         Get well soon

Green coconut juice is highly favored by patients in places like India. It is a common sight to see relatives visiting a patient bring along fresh green coconut juice daily.  The cytokinins in it help in quick recovery by aiding body cells repair and regeneration.  One type of cytokininis called kinetins aid rapid multiplication of skin and hair cells delivering big benefits for skin health.

·         Boost immunity

You will be more resistant to ordinary ailments like common colds. Green coconut juice has a high content of the daily recommended allowance of vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients required to build up immunity.  It has water-soluble vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-7 and B-9. Several people choose to drink coconut water during pregnancy. (But always consult your doctor during pregnancy and for medical conditions.)

·         Body fluid balance supplement

You will keep high energy levels. It also contains bioactive enzymes such as acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase and RNA-polymerases. This is the stuff that keeps your muscles burning carbs for energy. The electrolytes in green coconut juice are crucial in maintaining body fluid balance. They aid the kidney function for cleansing purposes.  Coconut water is a natural sports drink which helps quicker muscle recovery by delivering much needed nutrients to fatigued muscles.

So if you get fresh coconut water either where you live, on a holiday or even packaged or bottled coconut water at you nearest health store, do not miss out on it.

So here is another wonderful superfood uncovered by openmindbodysoul.com. Have a look at our other superfood posts.

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