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Guilt free consumption for Empaths

Most empaths have the ability to discern various emotions or vibes within a room or a person.

This characteristic has led most empaths to develop the habit of being aware or mindful of their surroundings and actions. Everything said or done, no matter how big or small, will create a chain of effect whether results are seen immediately or after quite some time.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming for empaths and this can lead to overthinking and guilt. They get misunderstood sometimes, too, for being too aware or mindful.

Here are some that can be quite helpful for simple and mindful living for empaths in a consumerism based society:

Guilt-free Shopping

Consumerism empowers the economy yet it has led to some neglect towards the environment. Though there are those who reduce, reuse, and recycle, some disposables from shopping are quite hard to reuse or recycle and end up being in the trash.

Consider buying environmentally conscious brands such as Plain Los Angeles, who plant one tree for every product sold.

Zero waste grocery shopping has caught on and is now available in both offline/brick and mortar and online settings. Some also allow buyers to voluntarily assist in their purchase by sending some of the sum they paid to a trustworthy charity or environmental organization.

Guilt-free Dining

Zero-waste restaurants have also appeared and are said to be on the rise. Supporting this kind of restaurants will surely encourage existing ones to be more mindful, too. Aside from that, pay-it-forward restaurants or food establishments have also allowed mindful consumers to generously pay ahead for someone who may be in a pickle in terms of paying for food.

Guilt-free Power Usage

Modern life got us reaching and using various electronic devices — TV, laptop or desktop, mobile phones, tablet devices, smartwatches, air pods, and so on. They do make our life convenient so it’s hard not to have one but they produce carbon emissions as well.

This is why solar panels are a good investment to have for the home. These allow to cut off some or totally cut off power dependence on electric companies that may be sourcing their energy from ways that can be harmful to the environment. Saving up on electricity bills is a plus, too. Some solar-powered appliances or electric devices are also available.

Whether born with it or not, trying to become mindful is already a good sign. Nobody’s perfect so one shouldn’t also beat oneself too much about it for starting late or not being mindful enough. If there are other ways to assist one in being more mindful, feel free to share them by commenting below.

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