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How to kick start a meditation habit?

Don’t you think we all are leading a life full of clamor and distraction? There is chaos everywhere and stress is an epidemic! Be it at work, at home, on the streets, no matter where you go all you can hear is cacophony! With so much of hustle bustle going all around us, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hear the voice of your inner self. Even if we want to, the noise from our surrounding is drowning the voice of our soul. But in order to find peace, and by peace we mean true peace, not the kind that comes with a promotion, or shopping, we have to let our soul speak with us. Your soul will not call you or text, you have to reach out to it, and that can be done through meditation.

Not only does meditation help you reach out to your soul, it helps one to relax. Meditation is a way to be mindful, and that mindfulness can be carried everywhere. Once you start meditating and turn it into a regular practice you will realize that you are doing well at work, at home and everywhere else. Though meditation brings in a lot of things to look ahead to, the question is how to turn it into a habit? Well, here are a few pointers that you can use.

Make a Commitment

This is a commitment that you have to make to yourself. Keeping the innumerable benefits in mind will help you stick to your commitment. Look around at the routinues of the leaders, achievers and those living inspirational lives; more often than not they have a morning routine that includes meditation.

Though you might be super busy all day ticking off your to-do list and fulfilling your commitments to friends and family, make a point to meditate for at least two minutes a day. Think of it as your “me-time” which will help you go through the day with ease. Once you start enjoying the two minutes, increase it gradually by five or maybe ten, But begin with just two minutes.

Motivational Images

Though you can make use of light music and candles to infuse calmness, motivational images or posters work well since they are visual in nature. As a rule of thumb, humans react better to visual stimulus, thus having a motivational poster or quote in front of you while you are meditating can be of benefit to you. The poster can be of a quote, a scene or a combination of both. Ideally, it should be serene enough to calm your senses and drive you more towards meditating. You can create your own motivational images using free tools like Canva.

Time and Trigger

Though there is often a best time to do a certain thing, any time is okay as long as you meditate. Your comfort and fitting it around your schedule is of priority. Choose any time you want, early in the morning, late in the evening, sometime before going to bed, just anything that you are comfortable with. After selecting your ideal time make a choice of the trigger, the work after which you will be meditating. It can be after your first cup of coffee, after brushing your teeth, after lunch at the office or after coming back home from work. But commit to it so it helps to retain as a habit.

Quiet Spot

We admit that it is can be difficult to find a quiet spot for everyone. Thus the early morning hours might be the best. This is generally the time when no one wakes up, and there are a fewer distractions e.g: sound of cars on the street; thereby eliminating chances of distraction. A spot in the lap of nature can also be good, something like a park which does not have too many people around. Any surroundings in which you are comfortable and not bothered by others for a few minutes will work.

Comfortable Seating

Remember this is a process is to calm down your mind, to reach your soul, so do not fuss much about how you are seated, what you are seated on and what you are wearing. If you are comfortable sitting on the floor go for that, if not, a chair or sofa does fine. Just be in a seated(and not lying down) posture you find yourself the most comfortable in and let the process begin.

If you like this post, please share with your friends. Drop a comment if you have doubts, questions or want to share what works for you. Last but not the least, don’t forget to make meditation a habit (if you haven’t already), the benefits will be there to see.


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