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Iherb.com – Review

What is Iherb.com ?

The name may sounds like a supplement store but it really has a lot more products that the website name may suggest. Iherb is a virtual treasure chest (online store) for a plethora of sometimes hard to find items like:

  • Organic groceries and foods

  • Natural vitamins, multivitamins, biotin, probiotics & supplements (they have gluten free and sugar free vitamins)

  • Organic/natural skincare/cosmetics (see our post on why we think Organic is good for you)

  • Organic baby care

  • Herbal teasNon-gmo food and products

  • Gluten free food (they even have gluten free cosmetics, body care & skin care)

  • Herbal products

  • Homeopathy & other natural medicines

  • Organic apple cider vinegar (we always recommend organic, unfiltered & with the mother apple cider vinegar)

  • Organic coconut oil & coconut juice (see our post about Coconut water)

  • Other super foods & antioxidants (see all our superfood posts here)

(Click this or any iherb link on this page for discount or voucher code for your first purchase at Iherb.com)

 iherb.com genuine review with discount code


Here are the reasons why we highly recommend iherb.com :


Their prices are very affordable and competitive. They keep running discounts, specials and several items have a discount for higher quantity purchases. They have a Trial products section with items priced as low as $1- but they are ‘Trial’, so use at your own risk.

Authentic Products and not Fake

We can vouch that iherb sells authentic products. You don’t have to be worried about fake products and sellers, like you can sometimes find on websites like Amazon and Ebay.

Availability & Time saving

Many organic brands and items are either hard to come by when I was living in Dubai in Dubai- and those that were available are often outrageously priced. I’ve seen skincare and vitamins at literally half the Dubai organic stores prices on iherb. It is also a huge time saver if you don’t have any health or organic store near you. Now that I am in Sydney, here too I don’t find many of the brands that you can find on iherb.

Worldwide Shipping

The best part is they ship worldwide by courier. Shipping to your door step in Dubai, UAE takes 2-3 working days and costs hardly USD 15-20(which is not as good as Free worldwide shipping but isn’t that bad if you are purchasing 3 or more items much cheaper than buying them locally). Update: Their shipping has become more expensive but look for Shipping Savers to bring down the shipping cost of your order.

I live in Sydney now and when I ordered here, I was expecting the items to come in 2 weeks. But the shipment came in less than a week. It seemed to have been sent from within Australia so my guess is they have a warehouse here.


Their website states their Mission Statement as: Providing the best overall value for natural products through “e-simplicity”. And it states their Core Values as: Conscientiously meeting the needs of our customers, while always safeguarding the environment. And we find this highly commendable.

As a review, this needs to list both the pros and cons, but we can hardly think of any negatives of iherb.com.

Cons of Iherb.com

Shipment delay

The only not-so-good experience I have had is a shipping once took a whole week to arrive. But it was due to ordering on a weekend, but a week’s time is also quite reasonable and worth the wait. Another unpleasant experience I had just once was that they missed an item and sent something else instead by mistake. But just a quick email to them and they credited my account with the item cost and the shipping charges.

Customs charges for some countries

I don’t have this issue in Dubai, but you need to be vary in countries like India and other places that have strict customs rules and customs duties on imported products.

Overall rating of Iherb

So our verdict is that we would highly recommend Iherb.com as one of the best online shops for natural, non-gmo,  and organic products such as grocery, cosmetics, makeup and much more. I have truly come to love iherb and so have my family, friends and colleagues who I have recommended it to.

Note: We can get affiliate commissions from Iherb from the links here but this review is our own personal opinion and review. And such earnings helps us with the running costs of the website.

Disclaimer: Any opinion here is not be considered as medical opinion. Please consult your medical practitioner before using any products recommended on this website.

Our rating of Iherb.com

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