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Inspirational and motivational Gift Ideas

 Give gifts with a meaning. Unique, motivating and inspirational gifting idea for holiday season or anytime

Are you looking for some unique gifting ideas during the festive season? And would like to gift something meaningful, motivating and inspiring to uplift your loved ones?

We have some great inspirational gift ideas:


More often than not, you can’t go wrong with books especially for a voracious reader. You can make it meaningful with gifting motivational books in topics of interest to the receiver. But don’t forget to be respectful of the other person’s life path and interests.

Here is our Shopping / Idea List on Amazon on books we love. For some great option, have a look at our post of best motivational and self help books of all time covering topics like self help, mindfulness, abundance, health, love and relationships.


We all have that stationary addict friend(or friends, lucky you). You know that one person who loves to collect stationary in every imaginable color and design. A journal would be a truly welcome gift for such a friend.   Think Gratitude Journals or Prayer Journals (amazon links here). Check out our review of the Five Minute Journal and the gorgeous Daily Greatness Journals.

Calendars & Planners

Reverting back to stationary, Calendars and Planners are a thoughtful gift for the new year. For close family you could look at making a personalized calendar with your favorite pictures. Hay House has a beautiful Angel Affirmations calendar by Doreen Virtue. You can also check our other options on Amazon.


For one of my parent’s wedding anniversaries, I choose to donate to a charity on their behalf instead of the usual gifts (that they won’t appreciate or simply pass on to someone else). This can be an uplifting gesture for you and your loved ones, while building positive karma for both.

Online Courses

Give the gift of wisdom and learning. Udemy.com has wonderful courses for very reasonable . Check out our post on Udemy.com for our review and course suggestions. HayHouse.com and MindValley has tons of online courses in the self help genre.

Gift Cards

A simple but safe option, often used as a last minute option or for sending gifts to loved ones living at a distance. It is especially good when you want to give the option of choice. You can check out difference gift card options from Amazon.com,  Iherb.com (they have lots of organic and natural products and ship internationally- check out our Iherb review here.

Personalized Gifts

If nothing from the list above is to your taste, personalized gifts are simply special to receive. You can find several options on Etsy.com and Amazon.com. If you have never heard of Etsy, you must check it out- they have gorgeous and unique jewelry, decor, clothing and so much more by independent sellers all over the world.

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