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The absolutely best massage in Sydney at Jung Shim

Is it a massage?

Is it acupressure?

Is it energy healing?

The massage at Jung Shim is all of these! It is undoubtedly one of the best massages I’ve had in my life so far.

I visited the Jung Shim Sydney centre that was an easy 5 minute stroll from the North Sydney train station. I left my shoes at the entrance and wore their cute acupressure slippers. I had a wonderful massage treatment with their Master Therapist. Here is an excerpt from their website about that they are about:

“Helping everyone harness the power of their own human energy.

Jung Shim teaches people how to thrive in today’s world by tapping into their own ‘human energy’ source and learning how to renew it in a sustainable way leading to a healthier and happier life.

Jung Shim centres are places of harmony and positive energy where people can re-charge their depleted energy caused by the stresses and strains of modern life.

Jung Shim offers you an energy programme which comprises of a personalised combination of energy classes, energy treatments, energy clearing and coaching, based on your specific needs.”

Allow me to share my personal experience with you.

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Why I loved the Jung Shim massage?

Shoulders treated well – I usually feel sore on my shoulders after any massage, but not with the massage at Jung Shim. Other massage therapists have said ‘oh, your shoulders are so tight’ and they go on battering it in the attempt of softening it but just make it worse than it already is. The Jung Shim massage very gently released all the muscle tension, pain and knots in my shoulders and back.

Didn’t get sick – I often get a cold or fever after a massage (sadly defeats the whole purpose of relaxation, which is the main reason I get a massage) but not this time. With the Jung Shim massage, I felt calm energy right after and even later in the day.

Felt like my body and mind were emptied, in a good way – I felt so clear and balanced physically and mentally, almost like the feeling you’d get after a combo of meditation and yoga (or gym for the gym junkies).

What makes their massage so special?

Their massage or treatment works by giving you energy or qi, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the highest form of universal energy.

Hear more from the horse’s mouth

We met with the sweet Kerry at the Sydney Jung Shim studio and she was so kind to answer our questions.

Tell us about Jung Shim

The organization is nonprofit and have a worldwide presence. The North Sydney studio opened 12 months ago.

The Jung Shim centres are here to help people regain energy and connection with themselves, to thrive in their daily lives and their natural states. Jung shim treatments originate from South Korea, they are called ‘Ja yeon Pa dong’, which translates as vibration of nature.

What does Jung Shim mean?

It means beautiful mind. It help us in understanding our original nature that is kind, compassionate, generous and happy. So when we are in tune with that vibration and our original state, we can truly flourish in our lives and be in a healthy state.

The massage I had that day felt like everything negative has been taken out of my body and mind and I felt like a blank slate. How did the Jung Shim massage do that?

We use acupressure and a unique breathing technique and the practitioners are specially trained to give you Qi (lifeforce) energy. The purpose is to give you the vibration of nature and recharge your ‘human energy’. The practitioners train very diligently every day to clean out their own system so they can give the clients this clear, strong vibration of energy.

So that explains why this felt like a energy healing treatment and Qi massage in one. Is there any similarities or dissimilarities with TCM?

We work on the understanding of energy the same way so the principles of the energy system, meridians and energy flows in the body, how the five elements work in the body as well and how each organ is related to a different element. So, once the energy in the body is balanced and the energy of those elements is balanced, then the physical body will be healthy.

The difference is we give Qi energy, along with helping to circulate energy in the body, which then allows the body to naturally heal itself.

What can clients expect in a consultation?

We ordinarily do consultations along with the treatment. We help clients discover their blockages to thriving in life and provide individually tailored energy programs to help them overcome these and be healthier and happier.

We look at the person’s lifestyles, attitudes, beliefs and exploring different ways of being, to help shift their energy. We understand the important of gratitude and how it helps shift people out of a lot of negative energy and blockages. As you have bigger perspective and more appreciation, you have more energy and power to then deal with the situation.

I understand how easy it can be to go down a rabbit hole of misery in tough times and gratitude has surely help shift the dark clouds during such times. If there was any one thing our readers could do easily to lift their vibration, what would that be?

Smile. A smile is actually a very powerful thing in spite of being a simple thing. No matter what your circumstances are. Even if you’re in pain, even if you’re sad, upset forcing a smile automatically send a different message to the brain and you’re changing that pattern and frequency in your nervous system. And you’re shifting yourself out of that negative state.

We thank Kerry for this beautiful chat. And for the amazing Energy class right after where we chanted, did gentle movements and meditated on happiness.

You can quote OpenMindBodySoul.com for a 50% discount on your first treatment at Jung Shim Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Centres ($45 instead of $90) until 30th November 2019.

If you like what you heard and are keen to try out their massage treatment or classes, find out more at the Jung Shim Australia website.

Our rating of Jung Shim

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