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Learn how to meditate using Mindfulness And Meditation Apps

Whether meditation is already part of your life or you are just getting acquainted with it, a regular meditation practice and support is now within everyone’s reach. Note for those completely new to Meditation, it does not involve going off to the mountains, becoming celibate or renouncing your material life. New schools of thought, techniques and teachers have made meditation and mindfulness techniques relate-able and accessible to everyone.

Want to give meditation a pass? Think again

If you think meditation and mindfulness is only for hippies, let me remind you that celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Hugh Jackman and sports persons like Michael Jordan have publicly confessed their love for meditation (list courtesy of Knowledge for Men).

Why use a meditation or mindfulness app?

There are several pluses of using a meditation app:

  • Ease of access- it is (quite literally) in the palm of your hand. No excuses!

  • Option to try out hundred of different practices, teachers and techniques so you can explore what you resonate with

  • Automated reminders- several apps this feature

  • Many apps are free or at least have some free content

  • Community and connection in some apps

We tend to spend most of the day on our smart phones, often from the moment we wake up, so why not try out a mindfulness and meditation app (instead of Facebook, Insta, Netflix or Candy Crush)?

So, are you ready to slip some peace, tranquility and breath into your life? Here is a list of best apps that will help you dive into the world of meditation and mindfulness:

1. Insight Timer

: Available for iOS and Android. (Free with optional paid membership)

The Insight Timer app is not just a meditation timer as the name may suggest. The timer is just one power packed feature of the app where you can tweak the duration, interval bells, starting bell, ending bell and the ambient music for your meditation.

Some of our Alchemy Meditations are on Insight Timer(Wohoo!). Do check out our free meditations page that has a detailed (we promise it’s not boring!) meditation guide.

Many other meditation and mindfulness apps have teenie-weenie bits free. But Insight timer offers the largest free library of guided meditations on earth and the amazing meditation Timer, for free. They have guided meditations and talks from the world’s top meditation teachers and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists and lecturers. Such as Davidji, Jack Kornfield, Sonic Yogi, Sadhguru, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mooji and many more.

They also offer a premium option that (at the time of this post) costs $5 per month unlocking courses, a daily insight, advanced audio and more.

2. Stop, Breathe & Think

: Available for iOS and Android. (Free with in-app purchases)

They say mindfulness is tough to achieve and even tougher to know. This is where the Stop, Breathe & Think comes into action. It starts from a basic level, gets you acquainted with mindfulness at first and then takes you deeper.

It has soothing sounds and themes like Connect with your body and also has a meditation timer to keep track of your meditation. You will also find a progress page that will help you analyze and take stock of how you are going. You can keep a record of the emotions before and after every session. It features almost 30 free sessions that will help get your peace on.

Check out our awesome Alchemy Meditation and Insights page for transforming into living from a place of greater intuition

3. Calm

: Available for iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Calm is a meditation app who’s name is self explanatory. As soon as you open the app, the relaxing sound of rainfall greets you. There are options to change the music as well to other soothing sounds like the crackling fireplace or “celestial white noise”.

It has 7 day and 21-day programs for beginners and advanced users. With guided meditation sessions in lengths of 3-30 minutes. The soothing sleep stories and open-ended meditation are some features of the app. While it has great things to offer in the free version and is ad-free, you can still opt for the paid version to enjoy interesting sessions such as “Emergency Calm” (think annoying relative or boss moments)

4. Omvana

: Available for iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Omvana is an app by Mindvalley that wants to unleash your inner zen with customized experiences. It allows you to mix ambient tracks with your chosen vocal track from inspirational speeches, poetry, hypnosis, personal growth talks and guided meditations.

It features a wide variety of high-quality audio tracks, ambient sounds, binaural beats, and narrated guides. With powerful narration, sounds and imagery, it will become your go-to app. You can also expand your personal library from the “Omvana Store” available in the app.

5. Headspace

: Available for iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Headspace is app for those who like the simpler things in life. The lack of time has led us to a stage of being unmindful in the first place. Now here is an app that makes the best use of the time voids we get in a day.

With several themes like commuting that allows you to do short meditations during your commute. The app features super-short mini meditations and a personal timeline on your profile. These features will help you keep track of your meditation progress. Moreover, it has got cute animations which enhances the overall feel of the app.

6. Aura

: Available for iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

If you are someone who can barely spend time for meditation, but really want to, Aura is the perfect app for you. A simple premise of the app is the best part about it. It will provide you a new, personalized, 3-minute meditation everyday. It’s co-founder stresses on the point that the teachers at Aura are constantly recording so that you won’t find a lesson repeated ever.

Not just the short meditations, but it also has a fabulous features like the gratitude journal and mindful breather. It will also help you track of your mood which will help to know what session makes you feel good. For a short and straight-to-the-point app, Aura is the best that one can find.

7. Meditation experience by Deepak Chopra and Oprah

: Available for iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Deepak and Oprah release a new 21 day meditation series, that are based on mantra meditation, every few months. With ever new series launch, over the 21 days, they provide each day’s meditation for free for around 2 days- both on their website and through their app. For more details, see our review of the Deepak and Oprah Meditation series here

8. Meditation Studio

: Available for iOS and Android (Paid)

The Meditation Studio is an highly rated app and one look at the app will make you see why. It was listed in the “10 best apps of the year 2016” by Apple Inc. and the simple user interface can be majorly credited for it. The motto of the app is “The mind is complicated, but meditation doesn’t have to be” which they demonstrate in their app. It has over 200 guided meditations, provided by some of the leading meditation experts.

It is for people who would like the help of a mentor in meditation and mindfulness. With real life experts helping you in meditation essentials, uncovering happiness, and changing habits, you can easily transform your smartphone into a gadget of peace.

9. Buddhify

: Available for iOS and Android. (Paid)

This app by Mindfulness Everywhere is one of the most downloaded apps on both the operating systems. Though Buddhify is a paid app, it is well worth every penny.

It will help you de-stress, sleep better and bring more awareness to your life. With over 80 custom guided audio meditation tracks and a solo meditation timer, the ratings of this app speak for themselves. It also has a together section to keep you in sync with the community stats.

We hope you find your zen with these apps.

If you think there are any others apps that should be on this list, drop us a comment or get in touch

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