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Meditation & Healing

Easy Energy Medicine exercises for everyday issues

What is Energy Medicine? Find easy to do examples, exercises and practices by Donna Eden to solve everyday issues like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, sleep issues, flu, cold, headaches, backaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, creativity and more. Hop on over to discover Donna Eden’s courses, pdf books, daily energy routine and more


A Sydney, Australia based blog and website that wants you to BE SELFish about your


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Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Inspirational and motivational Gift Ideas

Are you looking for gifting ideas during the festive season? But would like to gift something unique, meaningful, motivating and inspiring? We have some ideas to help you in your search.

Meditation & Healing

The power of prayer

Prayer can be a powerful spiritual and healing tool that can be used along with meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice. Here is a short post, almost an unstructured poem, about the beauty and power of Prayer.

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Relaxing Music with Positive Vibes

Give yourself some music therapy to relieve yourself from all the stress. Listen to relaxing music by OCB Relax review available on Open Mind Body Soul.


Tai Chi

In my bid to introduce different experiences for the mind, body and soul, I would

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Raising children with Mindfulness Parenting

Ever wondered if Mindfulness can be used in raising children? Here are some tips of a positive parenting style in encouraging child development using Mindfulness meditation techniques for parents.

tRY EASY energy medicine exercises