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Easy Energy Medicine exercises for everyday issues

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine or Energy Healing is a very broad term describing alternate healing methods involving the use of energy or universal energy or chi for healing the mind, body and soul. Practitioners of Energy Healing/Medicine believe that the root cause of ill health and mind is the imbalance of energy.

We found these simple exercises or practices of Energy medicine that take hardly a few minutes or even seconds to do but are super effective. We share here these exercises you could use for everyday issues like stress, anxiety, headaches, sinus, backaches, flu and more.

Before you write it off, look at Traditional Chinese medicine, in short TCM, which is widely used as a standard system of medicine in China since 2500 years that includes acupuncture, acupressure, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong and tai chi). TCM healing is based on the concept of re-balancing the flow of chi/energy flow through the body’s energy channels/meridians to overcome illness and more. There is also EFT Tapping that are based on the concept of healing using energy.

Simple Energy Healing Exercises

Now lets head straight into the simple yet effective practices/exercises. The videos are all from Donna Eden’s YouTube channel who is an Energy Medicine practitioner that is full of smiley, giggly and bubbly energy who makes Energy Medicine easy to understand and learn. Pick one for a niggling problem you may be having and give it a go.

Table of Contents

Release Stress & Anxiety

Whether we are familiar with the concept of Energy or not, we instinctively feel it. We often say on a day we are tired ‘Í have no energy.’ For those of us with children, we often comment ‘they have too much energy’ for us to keep up to.

For the first exercise, since most of us lead stressful lives, so we can literally feel the energy drained out of us. Here is a video to release stress and anxiety using Energy Medicine in 3 very simple ways.


This video is great for those occasional headaches or even for those of us who struggle with headaches every so often.


Many of us struggle with sleep issues. This is a big and touchy one for me. I have a toddler girl who has trouble going to sleep easily. Both my husband and I can get sleep within 10 minute of hitting the bed. But my daughter doesn’t take less than an hour to settle into sleep. We both used to dread bed time and it was somehow ingrained in her mind that she cannot get sleep easily. I watched this video that said all you need to do is gently go over the feet with a stainless spoon before bedtime. I couldn’t imagine the solution could be this simple. Doing this apparently grounds the energies and helps match the polarities of your body with the polarities of the Earth this helping the body settle down. Even though I felt skeptical, I said to myself ‘Give it a go. What harm can it do?’ The result: my daughter now goes to sleep within 15 minutes of the spooning. I have regained my sanity(hahaha) and she looks forward to it as her night time pampering routine.

Sinus and allergies

Many of us suffer from or know people who get those seasonal sniffles, while some of us start every day with watery eyes and leaking noses(sorry to those who visually imagined this). For those suffering from dust allergies, the tissue box or hankie is your best friend in the mornings.

According to energy medicine, you can release the stuck energy in your sinuses with super simple exercises. Here is the video that shows you how to.

Here is a video for those suffering from allergies.

Sore Throat

Here is a video for helping with a Sore Throat. Aaahh…the relief.

Trauma and Overwhelm

So many of us are stretched beyond comfortable levels at work, in businesses and personally. What starts with anxiety can easily become overwhelm  and trauma where you just cannot take it anymore. We could surely do with some tools/practices to calm down the overwhelm and anxiety. Donna says that the technique shared here is incredibly instinctual, so you may already do something like this to calm and center yourself.

Lower Back pain

Our spine is this wonder-house that keeps us upright, walking and protects major nerve pathways. The back is where energy most often gets stagnant, leading to pain and blocked chakras. At some points in our lives, each of us must have suffered from varying degrees of pain in the back. Energy medicine has a solution for these back aches too! Here is a video for lower back pain:

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Those many hours we spend on computers, laptops and mobile phones just take a toll on our neck and shoulders. A stiff neck and shoulder is such a common occurrence these days. There was a time when I was working long hours that I would get such a terrible stiff neck that only pain killers and strong anti inflammatory pills could help. Donna Eden’s daughter Dondi Dahlin has such a novel(and almost funny) tip to tap away the pain with a toothbrush. We tried it and it actually worked! Goodbye stiff rock-hard shoulders.

Clear Creative Blocks

Did you know Energy Medicine can help clear creative blocks as well? Here is a video with techniques to get the creative juices flowing.

Vitality and Energy

Do you sometimes find yourself or someone else saying ‘I don’t have any energy.’ Well, it is quite literal and energy medicine can give you the tools to regain your energy and vitality.

Delve Deeper in Energy Medicine

By now, we are sure you must have found a solution to at least one problem faced by you, in very simple and easy to do Energy Healing / Meditation exercises. If you want to exlpore Energy Medicine further, we want to share two more videos by Donna Eden.

Daily Energy Routine

This video is the daily energy medicine routine recommended by Donna. It is really interesting to know that exercise such a walking, jogging and swimming make the energies in the body cross over, which is how energy naturally flows. No wonder a daily exercise routine is highly recommended. Taking out 7 minutes in the morning(or anytime) for this energy medicine routine can really help you start your day off on the right note, full of vital energy and clarity of the mind.

Detailed Video Introducing Energy Medicine

Finally, for those of you interested to learn more about Energy Medicine, we leave you with a long video of an Energy Medicine session by Donna Eden.

Learn Energy Medicine

If you are keen to learn more about Energy Medicine, Donna Eden offers:

  • www.edenenergymedicine.com which has several courses and books. They offer foundation classes, certification classes(in several worldwide locations) as well as classes with Donna herself and her husband David

  • Her other website is www.innersource.net

  • Mindvalley.com has some great courses by Donna.

  • Books: her Energy Medicines books such as the below

  • Last but not the least, for Free Resources, her youtube channel has videos like shared here, that you could look up for your specific concern or ailment.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor for advice. Anything on this page cannot be considered as a replacement for medical advice.

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