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Centred Meditation Sydney – Review

How I found the Centred Meditation studio?

When I moved to Sydney, I looked around for meditation centres in the Sydney CBD and came across Centred Meditation. At that time I worked near Town Hall so I wasn’t too up for finding my way around to the centre in my short lunch break for the drop in meditation sessions.

Fast forward a few months, I moved closer to Wynyard. Was using meditation and mindfulness apps but some tough personal and work situations made me feel like I probably needed something more. Did a search for ‘meditation near me’and Centred Meditation popped up once again. This time it was a 2 minute walk from my office so I was sold. Desperate for some peace and calm, I immediately signed up for their 15 day new-comer pass. Was quite easy to sign up, pay and managed to book my first session in no time. They even send a calendar invite if you’d like to add it to your schedule- is quite a good idea to block the time for meditation in your calendar.

The experience

A few minutes before the session, not quite sure what to expect, I walked into the building which has the iconic Rock pool bar on the ground floor. There were about 4 other fellow meditators waiting for the lift, trying to reach before they close the door at the start of the session. Walked along the corridor passing some offices/companies, to reach the centre at the end. Was welcomed by a smiling teacher with a oh-so-soothing voice and a (hard to make) choice of fresh brewed lemongrass tea, fresh coconut water or simply water. On other days I have seen other teas like Rooibos and Chai.

The meditation room is dimly lit with the soothing aroma of essential oils and tranquil music playing in the background. When you sit in one of the comfy arm chairs (with an optional blanket), you face a beautiful Buddha painting. It felt like I was in a spa for the soul. The 30 minute guided meditation session itself was calm, soothing and helped disconnect from the hectic day at work. I did go back regularly for more and plan to make it a part of my routine.

Meditation Sequences

First, let me assure you there is no woo-woo (you can read more about me not being a fan of woo-woo in our About us page). They use an effortless meditation method and this is what their website says about their 30 minute signature meditation sequences:
“Our meditation sequences are specially formulated for urban professionals to bust stress and boost productivity. They involve a unique fusion of various evidence-based techniques and are easy, effortless, and effective.

  • Our calm sequence is designed to detoxify the mind and body. The meditator is gently guided through a tension-releasing body scan, taken on a visual journey and finally lulled into a state of effortless awareness using the breath as an anchor. Ideal for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

  • Our clarity sequence is designed to foster a greater awareness of the mind-body connection. The meditator is gently guided through a soft scan of the body’s outer senses and inner sensations followed by a silent segment of effortless awareness using a specific sound as an anchor. Ideal for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

  • Our confidence sequence is designed to debug your mind. The meditator is instructed through a gentle relaxation technique before being lulled into a state of effortless awareness using a mantra (word) as an anchor. Less guidance is given than the Calm and Clarity meditations so this sequence is ideal for meditators with a bit of experience (although open to everyone).”

What if you don’t live in Sydney?

If you don’t work or live near Sydney CBD or are in fact anywhere in the world, Centred meditation provides meditation sessions through their virtual studio so you can practice from the comfort of your home, workplace or any place of your choice. They have an extensive timetable, over multiple time zones and virtual teacher access.

They have a free 4 week unlimited access trial for their virtual studio. How does it goes any better than that?

Would I recommended Centred Meditation?

Absolutely. I am beyond happy to find this peaceful oasis in the middle of the hustling bustling city of Sydney. What I was moved by most is the thoughtfulness and thoroughness in each and every element. Whether it be the ambiance, the refreshments, the comfy chair or the meditation sessions, nothing is taken for granted. They genuinely make meditation easy, effortless and doable.

Our Rating

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