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“Road to Dharma” Docu-Series reviewed

What does freedom mean to you?

The Road to Dharma Docu-Series explores the true meaning of freedom and how to attain it from a wholesome mind body soul perspective.

The 10 episode Road to Dharma has all the excitement of a thrilling series coupled with wisdom and lessons to attain ultimate Freedom. This pilgrimage of 8 riders (ranging from never-rode-a-bike-ever to experts riders) with a Himalayan spiritual Master to the 4 sacred peaks in the majestic Indian Himalayas, takes you on a visually stunning ride filled with harsh rainy weather, sheer cliffs, oncoming trucks, dodging sheep and cows, injuries; in narrow and damaged roads.

It’s not just a visually breathtaking ride on the iconic Royal Enfield motorbikes(I like to call them India’s Harley) but a ride through the workings of the mind, emotions and experiences through the eyes of individuals from completely different backgrounds – the likes of a lawyer, a former gangster’s son, a businessman with no previous exposure to spirituality, a mother of a 3 year old, a go-getter woman of color, a couple who’s relationship has stagnated.

You can view the first 3 series for Free from this DocuSeries and Online Course for Living a Life of Freedom here, from the producer of the Netflix documentary “HEAL”, Adam Schomer. You’ll also receive Chapter 3 and Meditation 3 from the online companion Course, Living In Freedom.


What I learnt from the Road to Dharma DocuSeries

After taking this audio-visual trip to the Himalayas without having to get off my couch and home office chair, I find the series has the potential to move, engage and cause positive shifts & ripples for these seeking happiness and freedom. Here are my biggest takeaways from the series:

  • As an empath, how to not let others action expectations and opinions affect me. How everyone is narrating and living their own ‘stories’. It was empowering to know the way someone acts is ‘their story’. It compelled me to bring back the focus on myself and ask ‘What is my story?
  • It was eye opening to see how the same trip or experience was viewed so differently through the eyes of people from different backgrounds and lives. It showed how different people act when faced with situations & challenging circumstances.
  • The series made me question myself, albeit in good ways
  • It really helped with having the different individual’s stories and experiences, as this helps us to find aha moments, connection and learning from those with whom we have similar backgrounds or experiences. For instance, as a mother I related to how the mother of the 3 year old who shared her thoughts of feeling judged as a bad mother to come on a trip so far away from her child. And how everyone will judge a mother regardless or what she does.

Summary of the Road to Dharma DocuSeries

Here are some nuggets of wisdom, quotes, lessons and highlights from the 3 free episodes:

  • Am I the world OR the world is me?
  • If you’ve never been called crazy, you’ve never really lived (Makes me think if I should’ve thanked my husband when he once called me ‘crazy’ instead of having that huge fight with him).
  • Everyone is good until the circumstances are ideal or things are going as per their wishes or wants.
  • We always associate with the conditioned part of us. Life is about exploring the real you.
  • There comes a point in everyone’s lives when nothing makes sense from our usual linear view of life.(Reminds me of mid life crisis, depression or retirement) Creativity shows up in this time but the mind plays up and tries to keep you small. The mind comes up with some reason or another to stay stuck in the ‘story’ we have created for ourselves, the narrative we give our lives.

Everyone is good until the circumstances are ideal or as per their wishes or wants

  • In the radio of humanity you have unlimited channels. We have unlimited permutations and combination and reasoning for fears, relationships, careers, money and our lives.
  • It was inspiring to see how the Himalayan Master Anand coaxed everyone to stay calm in the midst of deadly road conditions(if you ever traveled by road in India, you’d know how bad it can get).
  • Explained the deeper spiritual meaning behind
    • Hindu rituals, such as Pooja and Havan (means ‘prayer’)
    • Mantras and sounds (it was so amazing to see how Mantras can be used as a tool to stop letting the analytical and critical mind take over)
    • Sikh traditions
    • Meaning of Shiva and other gods
  • The hardest pill to swallow was – We all live as a victim. (I’d like to add that we easily say he or she has a victim mentally, he or she is a narcissist but have we bothered to look at the stories of our own mind.) When we don’t get what we crave, we easily slip into unhappiness.
  • How do we show up when things don’t go as we planned? Challenges are there to reveal our deeper presence of grace and love.
  • Explores concepts of the Bhagvad Gita, Self realisation and how much more powerful we truly are.
  • In the ‘gaps’ is where true wisdom lies. Our first reaction when we have any free time is to fill it up by scrolling our devices, turning on the TV etc. But it is in these moments we need to stop and listen.

Is the Road to Dharma DocusSeries and Course worth it?


Yes, beyond a doubt.

I had the privilege to screen all the episodes. And I binged watched all of them at every free moment I could muster. There were beautiful lessons and learnings watching these wonderful humans from completely different backgrounds navigate challenging (and death defying) circumstances way out of their comfort zone.

I would highly recommend you to see the 3 free episodes at the very least. And if you resonate and can get the remaining episodes and course, grab the opportunity to go on this visual, moving and spiritual ride of ultimate freedom!


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