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Learn how to meditate using Mindfulness And Meditation Apps

Here are some amazing apps to learn meditation and mindfulness; all in the palm of your hand (through your smart devices). See the list of our recommended apps such as Stop, Breathe & Think; Calm, Headspace, Omnava, Aura, Buddhify, Meditation Studio ,Headspace and Oprah and Deepak Chopra Meditation

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Centred Meditation Sydney – Review

Review of the Centred Meditation Studio in Sydney CBD. Learn if its worth a try to learn or practice meditation with Centred Meditation Australia

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How to kick start a meditation habit?

You don’t need to put aside an hour or make an elaborate sacred space to start doing meditation. All you have to do is start and with consistent practice, it will become second nature to you. Find some tips here to kick start your meditation practice

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Meditation Techniques for Office

Practice meditation even at your workplace with office meditation techniques from Open Mind Body Soul. Read more about Inner Smile and breath meditation.

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Which type of Meditation should you do?

Are you wanting to learn how to meditate? Explore the different techniques of meditation and find the one that’s best for you and start reaping the benefits of meditation. Find resources for Transcedental meditation, Zen meditation, breath meditation, Deepak Chopra meditation, Chakra meditation,  Music, Mindfulness and Chanting meditation. Practice meditation for increased emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Free Online Workshops

Here are wonderful free online wellness workshops and mind, body and soul classes (delivered through online

Editorial Submission is about encouraging people to choose themselves. To BE SELFish about their self GROWTH,

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Quotes for Mind, Body & Soul A collection of Inspiring and Motivating quotes of Yoga,


Blog Explore topics like Mindfulness, Positivity, Self help, Healing, Meditation, Healthy Body ( including Yoga) and Healthy eating.

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

What does the Bhagawad Gita say about Manifestation?

I was a natural manifestation master, till what I manifested ultimately caused me emotional turmoil and tears. I then stopped manifesting(or so I thought), again to not so good outcomes. It was when I started manifesting or asking with true surrender that I felt a sigh of relief

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Mindfulness and Aging: The Importance of Being Present as You Age

As we age, most of us tend to get forgetful, get more set in our ways and can also start getting physically frail. This makes it even more important to live mindfully and being more present. Here are some way you can learn to be more present and age with grace.

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

10 Mental Health Habits to try

Mental health is plaguing us, our loved ones and society; but there is so many things you can try to move yourself to a better mental space. Here are some things to try to improve your mental health

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Easy six minute mindfulness practice to tap into your inner wisdom

Feeling lost? Feeling flustered? But deep inside you know that happiness is possible, that bliss is attainable. Taproot into your inner bliss, inner knowing, wisdom and true self using this easy 6 minute check-in meditation / mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

5 Self-Care Steps to Sustain Better Mental Health

Living in Australia, I see almost every other person making time in their routinues for their fitness. You see people walking in their gym gear 24/7 and many heading to the gym either before, during or after work. What if we were so committed to our self care, going beyond physical health to mental health as well?

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Mirror Work book by Louise Hay- Review

Ever caught someone or yourself talking to themselves? It is not an uncommon phenomenon nor is it a sign that the person is crazy. It is in fact a sign that that the person is a genius. Take it to the next level by using Mirror Practice or Mirror Therapy using this free pdf book by Louise Hay

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