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Yoga poses for back pain

Don’t let your back pain stop you from living . Here are 8 easy and effective yoga poses to help with back pain relief. Our all time favorite is the child’s pose – its great to know that it is good for the back.


7 reasons why Down Dog is the Best Yoga App

Looking for a Yoga app vs a Studio to practice? The ‘Down Dog Yoga app- great yoga anywhere’ is the best yoga app and is much better than streaming Yoga classes or home videos. Read our Review of it here

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Quotes for Mind, Body & Soul A collection of Inspiring and Motivating quotes of Yoga,


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Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Mindfulness and Aging: The Importance of Being Present as You Age

As we age, most of us tend to get forgetful, get more set in our ways and can also start getting physically frail. This makes it even more important to live mindfully and being more present. Here are some way you can learn to be more present and age with grace.

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

10 Mental Health Habits to try

Mental health is plaguing us, our loved ones and society; but there is so many things you can try to move yourself to a better mental space. Here are some things to try to improve your mental health

Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Easy six minute mindfulness practice to tap into your inner wisdom

Feeling lost? Feeling flustered? But deep inside you know that happiness is possible, that bliss is attainable. Taproot into your inner bliss, inner knowing, wisdom and true self using this easy 6 minute check-in meditation / mindfulness practice.


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Mindfulness and Self Improvement

Inspirational and motivational Gift Ideas

Are you looking for gifting ideas during the festive season? But would like to gift something unique, meaningful, motivating and inspiring? We have some ideas to help you in your search.

tRY EASY energy medicine exercises