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Self-Care for Parents- Tips, ideas and advice

Parenting is truly a beautiful and life-enhancing experience; your little bundle of joy gives a new meaning to life right from the outset. Let’s not forget about that unconditional bond that inspires and cajoles to our deepest and basest emotions. But parenting can start to seem daunting when you neglect yourself at the cost of caring for your children. That is why self-care is a vital component of parenting; it helps you to reset, reinvigorate, and rally for the upcoming set of parenting challenges.

What Actually Is Self-care for Parents?

Let’s face it; parenting isn’t – and will never be – a walk in the park. When most people are blessed with children, they tend to throw personal “needs and care” out of the window. Here, think in the line of self-pampering, eating right, exercising, meditating, and so forth. When was the last time you enjoyed these personal privileges?

So, in essence, self-care encompasses finding some time to meet your own needs. It’s all about taking a moment to engage in activities and things that nurture “you”. Simply put, self care entails treating yourself as kindly as you treat your kids and others, and generally taking good care of yourself.

Why is Self Care Necessary?

Parents, here’s the deal: self care is not just important, it is crucial for your physical health as well as mental, spiritual, and, of course, overall health. Even though it’s difficult to set aside a little time for self care, it’s indispensable for cultivation of positive parenting. Of course, the way you treat yourself may, in fact, reflect in your parenting style.

Self-care Ideas for Parents


Keep Overload Parenting Burnout at Bay: 

If you are at it for long, parenting can get you to a point where you cannot take it anymore. Self care, however, will ensure that you don’t plunge into “overload burnout”.

Refresh Mentally and Physically

Taking care and nourishing yourself gives you a new mental and physical edge to nurture your little ones better. It allows you to dial down the effects of stress so you can function at full capacity.

Take Some Time to Meditate

Carve out about 10 minutes to meditate before kids wake up or right after they go to bed. As you may already be aware of, meditation is a sound way to let go of all the stress associated with the hustle and bustle of parenting. It’s also a great avenue for you to find your inner self. This way, you can truly have a healthy mind, spiritual, and body connection.

Furthermore, meditation allows you to get rid of all the negativity that accumulates over the arduous period of parenting, so you can garner the right mindset to push forward. If you have been touchy-feely, meditation is known to captivate the parasympathetic part of CNS; this is the section of the brain that has the ability to restore your calm and relaxed self.

Exercise Works

If parenting has bogged you down, squeezing a little exercise might be your “prescription”. Of course, benefits of regular exercising cuts across many bases, from enhancing your mood to staying physically fit and everything in between. For starters, it is amazing for your body, improves your senses of wellbeing, increases your cognitive efficiency, and makes you look and feel in charge of “yourself”.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Let’s be honest; most parents feeling guilty when it comes to resorting to external help. Don’t make it hard on yourself; hire someone to watch over your children. This way, you can get some “me” time. In this time, you can do anything your fancy – get a massage, read that novel you have always put aside or just kick back and relax away from all the troubles of parenting.

Get At Least 7 or 8 Hours of Sleep Every Day

It might seem impractical, but 7 or 8 hours of sleep is important for any parent. You can catch up on your sleep when you tuck in your little ones or do naps when someone else is watching over them.

Forget About Perfection, Aim for Balance

Try to strike parenting-life balance; gunning for perfection will use up all the energy in you.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all your efforts as a parent. We all have our high and low days and no one day will be the same while taking care of another tiny human being. Enjoy your children and enjoy your time with them, while also taking good care of yourself.

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