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6 easy steps to a home Yoga practice

I’ve been doing yoga at home for years. Here are easy steps and effective tips for you to start and stick to your practice.

All the things you need to start a yoga practice at home

What do you need for a Yoga practice at home?

Make space

You’d need a clean, uncluttered space to practice. The area doesn’t have to be massive, about 4 by 7 feet of floor area should do.

Choose a time

You know your schedule best. You could join the likes of Robin Sharma and start at 5 am if you are part of that club(pun intended).

  • If work is hectic, before or after work could work best.

  • If you have little kids like me, when the kids are napping or in the morning before they wake might work best.

  • Even though early in the morning would be the ultimate for yoga practice, your practice should suit your circumstances so you stick to it.

Tip: Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach that is why I prefer practicing in the morning. Do not eat 1-2 hours prior to performing Yoga and Breathing exercises.

Book your calendar

Putting in your chosen time and days into your calendar(phone with reminders would be best) will help in staying committed to your practice.

Tip: Set yourself up for success by starting with say 10-15 minutes a day and build up to longer durations. If you have time and prior yoga experience, you can start with more.

Get comfortable and equipped

As a bare minimum, you’d need a Yoga mat and comfortable Yoga clothing.

Fantastic yoga brands we love are:

  • Lululemon – This cult brand is the favorite of Yogi’s worldwide.

Favorite Product: Their leggings are touted to be long-lasting, justifying the slightly high price tag.

Favorite product: Not quite a yoga product, but we love their Balancing Ball Chair which would be a fantastic alternative to the usual office chairs.

Favorite product: We love the Manduka Pro Mat. They have a quiz where you can get personalised Yoga Mat Recommendations.

  • Yoga Outlet – For popular brands under one (virtual) roof, head over to Yoga Outlet

Favorite product: It’s hard to choose from the many brands they house like prAna, Free people, NUX and many more, we can’t make up our mind!

  • Onzie – Great for comfortable clothes and unique prints 

More equipped, if you fancy

Depending on the practice you do, you may also need some Yoga props like a block, a strap, a blanket(for Yoga Nidra aka Yogic Sleep or Savasana), bolster or cushion, yoga towel (for sweaty yoga) and the like.

Choose the app or website

It might take some trial and error until you find your BFF yoga app or online classes that works best for your needs.We think you should always try at least 2-3 in-person yoga classes before starting a home practice, so you are familiar with the movements in a supportive environment with an experienced teacher.

Here are our tried and tested yoga apps and online lessons to check out:

Tip: Start small and build-up. Unless you have been practicing for years, know yoga in and out, or want to do just sun salutations, you’d most probably need a yoga app, online classes or youtube videos to practice. 

Now, you should be all set now for a regular Yoga practice at home.

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