Oracle Cards incoming – move over Tarot Cards

More often than not, tarot card readers have usually been depicted in movies and television as oddly dressed, loud, scary, blunt and rude. But don’t let that portrayal put you off Tarot Cards.

Power of Intention

In any spiritual practice or in life in general, your intention is the most powerful thing that determine your actions, path and most importantly, the result of your actions. And the same applies to card readings. The same fire that can bring light to a house, can also burn it down. In the same way. So with a good intention in mind, tarot cards can be used in a very constructive way to

  • take decisions,

  • choose between various options

  • or to give you clarity about a situation that you feel clouded about.

Where to get free Tarot Readings online?

Tarot and oracle cards can be an amazing tool to seek divine guidance and to connect to positive loving energies. Don’t let the general perception dissuade you from Tarot cards. On Doreen Virtue’s website, you can get a free Angel reading on your own. She has several cards for sale on her website such as Archangel Michael, Life Purpose, Mermaids and Dolphins and Oracle Cards. She has physical card decks as well as Tarot apps. If you fancy it, she even has courses that can help you become a professional tarot card reader.

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