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Oracle Cards incoming – move over Tarot Cards

In many 90’s movies, Tarot card readers were shown dressed in Victorian clothes (that looked like they were made from a great great great Granny’s curtains), with a crystal ball and an over zealous smoke machine. Oh the drama.

And they always spelled doom (or that you were going to swap lives for a day with your kid or god or someone).

So biased! It’s like saying all men are the same. Like men and all humans; card readers, card decks and readings aren’t made with the same cookie cutter.

Tarot though is medivial, like literally. The first ever tarot packs were recorded between 1440 and 1450.

Oracle Card readings are more free-form, light-hearted and easy to interpret. They are fun (and honest at the same time).

You can use Oracle cards without wearing a Victorian gown, tie-die or giant crystals that could double up as self defence if you don’t have pepper spray.

What makes for a successful Tarot or Oracle card reading?

The Power of Intention.

In any spiritual practice or in life in general, your intention is the most powerful thing that determines your actions, path and most importantly, the result of your actions. And the same applies to card readings.

The same electricity that can light up a house, can also burn it down. So with a good intention from your depths, Tarot and Oracle Cards can be used in a very constructive way to

  • make decisions

  • choose between options

  • get clarity about a situation that you feel clouded about

Tarot (mind you, with the right Tarot reader or guidebook) and Oracle Cards can be an wonderful tool to seek divine guidance and to connect to positive messages from the universe.

Don’t let the too woo woo perception dissuade you from Tarot cards. BeYourOracle.com has free resources on how to become a DIY better Oracle card reader sans all the mystification.

Where to get free Tarot and Oracle Readings online?

Who doesn’t mind free stuff, aye!

Go on and try your hand at some Self Oracle readings.

If you are saying ‘I’m not so sure I can do readings myself’, BeYourOracle.com is starting free weekly Oracle readings from 6 July 2020. Hop on their Waitlist to get these.

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