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A perspective of ‘The Secret’ and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and the book that introduced  it to the world, ‘The Secret‘, doesn’t need an introduction. It took the world by storm and propelled people towards positive thinking and feeling as a means of fulfilling their every desire. It told us that we attract what we think and feel.

Though there are many authors, healers and self help Gurus who have either revered or critiqued The Secret, we cannot deny the kind of shift it has bought about in people’s lives. It kick started a wave of inner revolution as the book  may not have all the answers but it has made us question things. 

It opened our eyes some concepts that are not conventionally taught to us. For some it has been the ultimate life-changing learning but for some, like me, it was the beginning of a journey into the discovery of the Self. When I read it way back around 2008, I was fine with all the chapters and all that it suggested. But when I reached the final chapter, it just could not get it. I rejected it. I just shut the book saying I am fine with everything before, but I just can’t understand this last bit.

But as I was to discover much later, the final chapter was probably very strategically placed in the end, so that people new to the concepts of infinite Universal Energy would not reject the book on that premise. They have kept the wordings of all the chapters before limited to ‘thoughts’ and ‘feelings’, which everyone can easily identify with.

I had my own journey, to finally understand, accept and feel my connection to the infinite Universal Energy. After coming across and experiencing Meditation, Tai Chi, Theta Healing, Chakra cleansing and more, I was able to put the pieces together. And I learnt that we attract what we are, not just what we think or feel. We cannot just control what we think or feel, if we don’t understand and work with our core self.

At every stage I learnt some things and unlearned some things. An important lesson was to do it from a space of grace and appreciate the best bits of each path. It was like pieces of a magnificent puzzle coming together, and the magnificence continues till today as I keep adding new pieces. And its a marvel in seeing everyone around unraveling their unique puzzles from their unique journey.

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