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We sometimes forget to work on ourselves. We work so hard on other aspects of our lives such as our careers, family life, and hobbies, but we do seldom do we take a few minutes to improve on a personal or spiritual level. Granted, the journey towards self-improvement and spiritual growth is a hard one. Not only do you need the right frame of mind, but you also need unwavering discipline, and perhaps more importantly, a mentor.

The good news is, you don’t have to hunt down a mentor to guide you down the path of self-improvement. Udemy offers one of the largest collections of online courses in any topic under the sun and beyond. If you’ve never heard of Udemy, think of it as a really big university where you choose what to learn for absolutely any topic in your own schedule. The best thing about Udemy is the ability to take your courses online. There’s no need to sit in a class every day to learn, just sign up on the Udemy website and pick the courses you want to learn. There are several free courses as well!

Pros of

There are other advantages of studying through Udemy. Here are some you’ll find most beneficial

1. Self-Paced Courses

On Udemy, you’ll find a variety of self-paced courses. These courses have no deadline so you can take as long as you want. There’s no pressure to complete most of the courses on Udemy. If you are too busy to be committed to studying every day, you can schedule your study time around your free time. For instance, you can take a class during your coffee breaks or over lunch. No pressure.

2. A Large Library of Complete Courses

Udemy is one of the few massive learning portals stocked with complete courses. It’s hard to find a course where you learn A to Z on a particular topic. Udemy excels in this area because each course on offer covers the course in its entirety. If a single unit doesn’t cover the entire course, there are other courses that continue where the course left of.

Cons of

Just like everything else in life, Udemy is not perfect. There are a few cons, but you can easily overcome the short comings.

1. Some Courses are Tutorials

Some of the courses on Udemy, although complete, they are too short. These courses are tutorials in essence, but you can always get more material on the internet to supplement the knowledge you get from these short courses.

2. Some courses have limited video Captioning

This can sometimes be annoying especially if the course instructor is not fluent in English. Sadly, there’s little you can do in such circumstances.

Best Udemy courses for self improvement and Spiritual growth

Going by our mantra here at the Under the Peepal, we have listed a few course that are as enlightening as they are spiritually fulfilling. These are starter courses that will set you down the road towards self-improvement in a gentle and encouraging manner that will propel you to mastery.

1. Body and Mind Are One

Taught by the one of the greatest mindfulness masters and peace activists in our times, the Body and Mind Are One course will broaden your understanding in being mindful. Thich Nhat Hanh, the instructor is a true Zen master, and his guidance in the course in invaluable.

2. Pema Chodron Courses

Pema Chodron is a well-known Tibetan Buddhist, as well as having graduated from the University of California. She one of the best teachers in the discipline of meditation, and you can learn a lot from her in the three courses she offers on Udemy. For, more information click here.

3. Qi Gong For health and Healing

This course directed by Lee Holden is a must for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge in meditation and qi dong. Moe specifically, Holden teaches Taoist meditation which helps in self-healing, stress reduction and spiritual growth. His Udemy course, is a must for people seeking to reach a balanced state. To get to the course page, click here.

Some other interesting Udemy course links we would like to list here are:

4. Yoga Courses- All types from Beginner level to Advanced levels


5. Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Meditation- One of the many Mindfulness courses


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