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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping – Learn for free

This world never ceases to surprise us. There is every imaginable and unimaginable potential and the alternate healing techniques are no exception. I bumped into Emotional Freedom Technique (called EFT or EFT tapping) when I was going through a rough phase where I was stuck in a cycle of negative thinking. I found EFT beneficial to clear those blocks, along with other techniques which I will keep updating on this website.

Is it really as simple as just ‘tapping’ your stress, phobias and chronic pain away? Founder of EFT Gary Craig(based on Dr Roger Callahan’s findings) surely seems to claim so. EFT is a healing method for emotional and physical issues including phobias, stress, anxiety, anger, addictions, abundance and pain management. It is based or derived from the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine/TCM. 

The effects are claimed to be like Acupuncture but instead of needles(yes, we’ve Acupuncture too and trust us, it is not as scary as it sounds), EFT uses sequential tapping with your fingers on certain pressure points. A big plus point is that EFT tapping can be learnt and practiced by yourself easily. As the name suggests, it works on releasing emotional blocks, giving you freedom from negative emotions, that can cause a gamut of other issues in your life if left unresolved.

I am not an expert on EFT so I will direct you to the experts. Here is a video from the founder of EFT Gary Craig’s official EFT website www.emofree.com for a introduction to EFT.

Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig

And if you prefer to get going to learning the technique itself, here is the link to LEARN EFT FOR FREE from the founder of EFT itself. It is named the ‘Gold Standard of EFT’ and has step by step instructions from Basics to Advanced EFT.

And one more great video resource available for EFT is Brad Yates Free EFT videos (check out his links to his Youtube channel- he has free videos for everything under the sun, from Abundance, Healing, Emotional issues like Fear, Anxiety.) I like to call it guided tapping, much like guided meditation.

We hope that these resources will help you or a loved one out.


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