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What is the best form of exercise?

There is no denying that the mind, body and soul have to work in sync for an optimal life. Metaphorically speaking, the body is the equivalent to the body of a car, while the mind and soul can be considered the engine and fuel, respectively. The body, either our own or a car’s needs to be maintained in a good condition for the car or human to function at its best. So even if you don’t have the luxury of dedicating an hour to exercise, even 20 minutes every other day is better than no exercise at all. But what exercise should you choose to do?

There are innumerable ways of getting your body exercised such as walking, running, yoga, gym(ming), swimming, aerobics, dance, zumba, martial arts, sports and more. The list is literally endless. Is there any ultimate form of exercise?

Even though we would say Yoga works the best for us but it very obviously differs from person to person. Everyone has their own pace and rhythm so you need to choose what best suits your body. Listen to and notice your body. How it feels after a couple of sessions is an indication of whether the exercise is right for you. Do you feel like you have more energy or you feel drained? For instance, do you feel more better after a rigorous work out at the gym or a relaxing yoga class? Two people can have a totally different perceptions, experience and results from the same kind of exercise, so understanding your body’s preferences will help you choose which form of exercise is best for you.

We would like to add that when you start any exercise, you should start with lower intensity for shorter durations and gradually work your way up to longer duration and higher intensity(as much as works for your purposes). This would be safer, healthier and more motivating than trying to go all out in the beginning.


Important note: Do not consider any advice on this website as a replacement for Medical or any professional exercise advice. Consult your doctor before doing any form of exercise.

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